Exclusive video: Corbyn tells CWU – no apology for our links to 3m TU members

On Monday evening, Jeremy Corbyn spoke to a gathering of CWU (Communication Workers’s Union) activists in Brighton – and received the now-usual raucous welcome.

Corbyn talked of upturning expectations and the Establishment, of the important of creative digital communications in spreading the message of hope, of his pride at Labour’s links to over three million union affiliates, of Labour’s innate internationalism – and the justice and common sense of nationalisation of key industries:

The attraction of Corbyn’s hopeful, positive, radical message shows no sign of lessening – in fact, its pull only grows as the government flounders and drags the nation ever deeper into a bleak dystopia.

And as the Labour party continues to transform itself into a fit vehicle for that message, the cracks in the Establishment edifice grow wider every day.

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  1. A friend started working as a post-woman a few months ago ….. and her experiences speak volumes. She has the new temporary contract and has so far been sent to make up the numbers in three different areas. She has no security of tenure and is being expected to learn new routes repeatedly. She has still not worked for the local service that she applied to work in.

    On every occasion, she finds herself doing the route that the other experienced posties say are awful… the last one was a 17 mile long round, with house names instead of numbers and nowhere for a toilet stop. She is supposed to finish by 1pm but over and over, she is bullied by management into completing the round and finds herself doing hours of unpaid overtime, without a break.

    Unsurprisingly, she has been signed off by the GP three times, and is now facing a disciplinary. No doubt, there is bad management and she is seen as an easy target (both because of herself and as a woman) but it is clear that there are overall too few post people employed and virtually no worker protection for the newbies. Obviously, she is desperately looking for a new job.

  2. Stories like the above should be published on the internet in large numbers so that readers can get a first hand grip of what the gig economy is doing to this nation.

  3. That’s terrible syzygysue . I wish your friend well in her search for a new job and I hope she finds it soon and that she is treated with proper respect when she finds it.

  4. @ syzygysue
    Sadly your friend’s experience is not uncommon – there are people so poorly socialised that they seek out any opportunity to take advantage of their fellows.
    We call those people “Tories.”
    These “Tories” are best avoided until such time as they’ve received the love they missed in childhood.
    This love will be administered at the “Gruinard Summer Holiday Camp,” presently under construction by one of our valued PFI PPP’s.

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