Could this letter spell the end for Iain McNicol?

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On Sunday, Iain McNicol announced that the Del Singh memorial award for campaigning was being awarded to the Jewish Labour Movement. In a dramatic move on Monday, the family of the late Mr Singh has demanded the revocation of the award and an apology from the Labour Party:



Mr Singh, a Labour MEP, was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan in early 2014 and his family instituted the award in his memory.

It is not yet known who made the decision to make the award to JLM, whether Mr McNicol played a part in it, or whether Labour will act as requested by Mr Singh’s family.

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  1. If a group or an individual wanted to cause issues for the Labour Party. If they wanted to create a negative media storm after a wonderful conference, then I can’t think of a better way? Give the Del Singh award to the JLM! So who thinks that this is a deliberate ploy? As soon as I saw it happen on the TV my heart sank. What’s that Shakespeare quote re smiling and yet being a villain? This is the work of those who want to sabotage the Corbyn led Labour Party. So, given that this is yet another dirty trick, how should we respond?

  2. This must be a misunderstanding otherwise it is travesty.
    . Why was the recording of the acceptance of this award blanked out ?
    Please can we have a full enquiry my heart goes out to the family

    1. Yes, I wonder why the live stream didn’t show the presentation of the award? The entire presentation was covered by the red background screen. You can find it on Sunday afternoon’s broadcast on YouTube at 2hrs 53mins.

  3. Who made the decision?
    Who was consulted?
    Who else were considered? Why did they NOT win?

  4. Thank you for highlighting this Skwawkbox and thank you Del Singh’s sister for complaining. The Labour Party must revoke this award to JLM and Louise Ellman if it wants to preserve its new, internationalist and human rights-based foreign policy vision and as a mark of respect to the memory of a wonderful and principled man, Del Singh. I say this as a British Palestinian Labour Party member who has spent most of his life campaigning for international solidarity and human rights and against racism in all its forms including anti-Semitism.

  5. Jon Lansman would have had a role in this. The notorious perjurer and anti socialist would be union buster newmark, is Lansman’s puppet master. This must not be allowed to fade away the people need to know the whole story. Newmark has indicated he plans to sweet talk the family into dropping it, I suspect that he has over reached himself.

    It could well be the end of Mac the Knife if the pressure is kept up.

    The ” leftist” collaborators like Lansman and Owen Jones need to be seen exactly for what they are.

  6. Is there any evidence to show that the Jewish Labour Movement supports the State of Israel?

  7. Do the family not have any input as to who gets the prize? If not – why not?

    If they’ve delegated judgement to (the then RW overloaded) NEC then what do they expect?

    FWIW, my own view on Israel/Palestine is that they’re as bad as each other. A plague on both their houses. There are other, more pressing domestic policies need addressing before that one in particular, and far too much weight is being placed on the issue from both right AND left. .

    That said, I understand & appreciate it’s been awarded out of the spirit of the award – not that uncommon, though. Look at the honours list for a plethora of examples…

    1. “…my own view on Israel/Palestine is that they’re as bad as each other…”

      Very Trump-like response. You might like to think about the differences between an occupied people and their occupiers.

      1. ‘Very trump like response…’

        Oh, really?

        Very kuenssberg-like misrepresentation from you. I don’t know…Corbyn condemns violence from both sides and that’s alright, like?

        Forget the ‘FWIW’ at the beginning of the sentence you chose to leave out. Nope – I’m obviously anti-palestinian… I’ll just wait to be accused of being anti-israeli now, seeing as I called for a plague on the house of israel as well…*Scratches head and rolls eyes*

        I’ll concentrate my concerns on far more pressing domestic matters like the NHS, the economy, brexit, et al, long before trying to sort a massively circuitous, schismatic problem that’ll probably never be solved, going on previous form (from BOTH sides) – if that’s alright with you?

        Oh, but I guess that sounds a bit too much like ‘Make Britain great again’ , doesn’t it?

        (Do you call ‘house’ on your ‘Trump Bingo’ card with that last one?)


      2. That’s ridiculous‼️
        Palestine is oppressed
        Israel isn’t ‼️
        Israel is doing the oppression‼️
        Violence by Israel is greater ‼️
        Deaths of Palestinians is greater‼️
        Killed by Israel forces‼️
        Israel is fascistic in its treatment‼️

  8. The family should have been consulted in my view. It is a sad situation, which probably could have been avoided.

    It needs to be undone, and the requests of the brother and family honoured.

    The motif behind that to me seems clear: a hint: just look at the allegations of anti-semitism…….. By certain quarters.

    1. We need a formal response from the Labour party,The family certainly deserve a response I have been told it was the NEC who created the award .It has nothing to do with the award winners its all about the family and the motives behind the decision to choose one organisation over an other [I am assuming other organisations were considered ] .I cant find reference to this in the NEC reports

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