Two Sky-funded ‘debates’ – spot the difference and the similarities

Sky News is funding two debates at Labour’s annual Conference, which starts tomorrow. The debates take place in the same room, at the same time, on consecutive days.

The time and location are not the only similarities. The term ‘debate’ is used very loosely, for a start. Debates require differing viewpoints – but the selection of Labour MPs from the right of the party means that there will barely be a fag-paper between them.

Also similar are the promotional images – with one particular sameness standing out:

foreignnext ge

In each of the images, the image of Sky presenter Jon Craig is significantly larger and higher than that of the MPs he will be chairing.

In old, carved murals, Egyptian or Assyrian rulers are shown towering above their punier subjects. Importance, power and relevance were portrayed in size.

king larger.png

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  1. Out of the eight Labour MPs appearing in these so-called debates, I am personally only familiar with two. And my point is this: That I’m sure there are many people like myself who don’t know to a large-ish extent which Labour MPs are Blair-rights, and which MPs are traditional Labour MPs, and it would be really helpful if someone could make up a list of each.

    Yes, one could go through the voting record of each one of them (on theyworkforyou website), but that would be very time consuming. And maybe the above website would more accurately be called: someofthemworkforusbutmostofthemdon’t!

    1. Allan, rather than go through their voting records it might be quicker to check their Twitter feeds for the word “Corbyn”. Following the recent election, many MPs publicly tweeted their thanks to their leader for his efforts and the boost in support across the country that secured them their seats. Certain cuckoos in the nest e.g. my MP Angela Eagle could not find it in themselves to be grateful and instead, continue to stand over him brandishing knives and waiting for the next opportunity.

  2. That Craig appears as a ‘dividing line’ between male and female members of the panels is also noteworthy. Presumably some figurative attempt to portray him and his organisation as neutral and balanced in addition to the lofty pretensions you have suggested. LMAO.

  3. Where can we watch live coverage of the Labour Party Conference?
    Ive done loads of searches and its coming up with nothing?

    Could you post a link please – have been looking forward to it


  4. You cannot put a fag paper between past Labour and Tory/coalition governments foreign policy and actions …

    In my view this has to change radically and is the Corbyn led Labour parties greatest challenge if it really wants a substantive change in direction and a more peaceful and harmonious world.

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