#ResignMcNicol protest causes outrage among Labour right

The first of a series of direct-action protests against Labour General Secretary Iain McNicol took place a short time ago outside Labour’s Brighton Centre conference venue, as protestors held signs near the entrance to the centre, wearing t-shirts that spelled out their message:

resignmcnic small


It didn’t take long for the message to have an impact inside the hall. Johanna Baxter, who was overwhelmingly voted off the NEC (National Executive Committee) during last year’s election of CLP delegates, stood to express trembling outrage at the protest against ‘an employee of the party’. McNicol’s performance in his post was not a factor in her speech.

More protests are planned throughout the conference

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  1. ‘Trembling outrage’…Hahaha!! Get some!

    (Any of your t-shirts spotted yet, skwawky?)

  2. The temerity of Baxter to express such faux outrage at a group of Labour members politely taking issue with another member of the party, yet not acknowledge the anti democratic stunts McNicol pulled is just astounding.
    And to take issue with members asking an unelected official to resign when she supported the coup against an elected leader is beyond parody.

  3. Iain McNicol is an employee of the Labour Party. If he is not doing his job fairly and without favour, he should be subject to a disciplinary or competence procedure. Protests shouldn’t be needed if his bosses were doing their job. The debacle over the new membership and their ability to vote, or not, in the leadership election should have been enough to set things in motion.

  4. ‘an employee of the party’???? Ha, pull the other one, Baxter!

    This isn’t a labour-relations issue, Baxter’s mealy-mouthed framing aside. McNicol and other party staff *chose* to act with extreme political bias to the point of gross misconduct.

    Resignation’s too good for him: McNicol and all his Project Anaconda co-conspirators should be dismissed in disgrace.

    Dear Lord, what are these people like =)

  5. McNicol is the personification of an enemy agent drilling a hole in the Corbyn lifeboat while the hard right Labour “Titanic” sinks to its watery grave in the background.

    Please comrades, grab an arm and a leg each and turn him into shark food.

  6. I attracted bogus gross misconduct charges twice at two councils. I did nothing, except employ policies and procedures against Wirral and Cheshire West. McNicol has breached the party rules left, (hard) right and centre and is a dead man walking.

  7. Dugdale’s tireless Scottish anti-Corbyn chum who helped Dugdale’s imposed path to the NEC Dugdale at last has resigned – let McNicol follow!

  8. An ’employee of the party’ who has unfailiny done SO MUCH to alienate, suspend and expell the membership.

    Time to resign, McNicol.

  9. It is IRRELEVANT if or whether McNicol and others are employees of the LP , if they are incompetent ( data protection breach ) or culpably inefficient then we as their ultimate employers have the right to seek appropriate measures to rectify that situation and terminate their employment. Just because they are employees does not make them sacrosanct and above criticism . As for that berk Baxter well why waste another second of time !

  10. Johanna Baxter during her time as an NEC member brazenly and openly on Twitter last year sharing with her followers how she was reviewing spreadsheets of Labour members.

    Many suspect and allege with her support of Owen Smith she was not exactly being neutral in dealing with new membership applications.

    Baxter’s faux outrage at the protestors against McNichol’s,continued employment as General Secretary is bewildering as she often claims she represents members interests, sadly so many members were kicked out of the party.

  11. McNichol is the head of the Party, he sets the standards, he too must obey by the same rules & regulations that apply to all in the party.

    How despite the evidence of his conduct falling far below the standards of the party, he’s managed to escape disciplinary action…

    Can someone explain how he’s managed to covered in teflon?

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