Breaking: Labour will have full #Orgreave inquiry and more

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott at Labour’s annual Conference this morning

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott received a rousing reception at Labour’s Conference this morning – and an enormous cheer from the vast majority of delegates when the Shadow Home Secretary announced that Labour, in power, will immediately institute a full public inquiry into events at Orgreave during the miners’ strike.

The Tories caused dismay and outrage last year when they led campaigners to believe that an inquiry would be held – and then u-turned.

The SKWAWKBOX has previously revealed photographic and eyewitness evidence proving the presence of fake police officers – believed to be soldiers – attacking miners at Orgreave, but the government refused to hold an investigation that would no doubt incriminate the Tory party.

Un-numbered ‘police’ among protesters at Orgreave

However, the matter is now settled: the next Labour government will publicly dig into the truth of events and hold to account those found to be responsible.

Ms Abbott also announced that similar inquiries will be held into the unjust treatment and even jailing of workers in Shropshire and Merseyside.

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  1. i’ve talked to other soldiers about this, and there’s nothing like a pull up and sandbag and listen to my story mentality between old soldiers, none have ever suggested they were involved or knew anyone bragging about it, i don’t doubt underhanded shit went on, i don’t reckon it was “regular” soldiers, maybe a few advisers, but i doubt they’d get their hands dirty on any front line battles

  2. Like all police activity it is couched in lies and avoidance of the truth by the police and then their colleagues and mates in the police “standards departments”. Like the officers in charge at the time of the Hillsborough tragedy, like Cressida Dicks at the murder of John Charles DeMenzes and in my own case several Hampshire and Leicestershire police liars.

    1. There were definitely mistakes by the police but In our house Jean Charles de Menezes was a casualty of the 7/7 atrocity

  3. Good stuff and props to Ms Abbott.

    Add an enquiry into the banking crisis (who knew/did what, where and how such colossal sums of public money were used to backstop the retirement expectations of a bunch of venal spivs) and borderline (actual?) criminality by certain banks – looking at you RBS (Really Shit Bank) – and fur will fly.

    The there are the sordid rackets of the UK’s foreign policy / arms industry / military contractor nexus and our burgeoning surveillance state, which seems strangely incapable of providing any more footage of the Putney Bridge Pusher than has already been recovered from civilian (bus) CCTV cameras – odd, that, for an incident that occured in broad daylight, in the centre of the most CCTV-riddled city in the world.

    I’m sure that even more pertinent briefs will come to mind, given the opportunity to conduct meaningful inquiries for a change!

  4. Don’t get me wrong, the tories deserve to be given a leave of absence at her majesty’s pleasure for what they did in 84/85.
    I just don’t buy the stories about soldiers being used during the strike. There has been no prima facie evidence to support the claims. Most of the hearsay accounts give the same story but in different locations. No names have been offered with supporting evidence.
    thatcher gave herself a blank cheque of the nation money, including taxes paid by miners, to take on the NUM. The cops were awash with overtime. The number of conservatories built with the snidy bastards calling em camelot was a bonus for upvc window sales.
    These photos are of cops, most likely from out of the area, who have removed their collar numbers to avoid identification. That is and was a disciplinery offence in the cops. Back then the collar numbers wete made up of seperate numbers which also allowed them to swap them around on their own or with their mates.
    If they were acting lawfully, you wouldn’t need to avoid identification so it shows an indication of being prepared to use unlawful tactics.
    I don’t know why they bothered. The evidence from videos or still photographs is compelling but no one was so much ad disciplined, never mind charged with serious offences as they should have been.
    It was an emotive time and like many others, the strike still affects me. I say this with all the respect that the 12 month solid lads deserve, we need to either come up with names snd prove without doubt or drop the army claims. I think it allows the tories and their great mates the cops to claim that we are prone to emotive and hysterical claims.

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