Video: Salt Lake City police arrest a nurse – for following hospital policy

Caution: this is traumatic viewing.A police officer in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA wanted a nurse to take blood from an unconscious man – but the hospital’s policy said she could only do it with a warrant or if the patient was under arrest.

The police officer could have arrested the man to get around the rules – instead, he arrested the nurse, causing her and bystanders enormous distress:

Coming, as it does, just after a police officer retired rather than face disciplinary proceedings for telling a woman motorist not to worry because police only shoot black people, public confidence in the police over there must be falling like a stone.

Are the idiots in US law enforcement growing bolder or more reckless because of who’s in the White House?

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  1. Wonder if President Tiny Hands will interrupt his consultations with God re: the next once every 500 years hurricane – due soon – and do an urgent tweet defending his man?

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    Strikes me that police everywhere have to firstly have their grey matter removed from their skulls before they are allowed on the streets. Are all police just moronic individuals with oversized egos? It would certainly explain a lot about Hampshire police, Leicestershire police and US police. Why do the lowest intelligence people get recruited into the police forces?

  3. And you people that are high and mighty, call us ignorant. You demand that we follow the law, and yet do not abide by the same laws. What gives you the right to push folks around, and threaten with arrest.You Pit of Vipers, You brood of Snakes. I am soo glad that I will never have to cross into your state for any reason.

  4. No. They’re growing bolder and more reckless because the New World Order is coming to the surface. Helped immeasurably by the many losses of liberty under the so-called Patriotic Act etc, all put in place on the back of 9/11 – which was a False Flag enacted for the very purpose of removing liberties in the name of terrorism (the new Communism, before that, Facism). Any old excuse for ‘necessitating” control. Problem – reaction – solution as Icke would say …

  5. Police training in the US leaves a lot to be desired, and so evidently, do their recruitment policies.

  6. Although, after a bit of thought, maybe the hospital policy doesn’t adhere to the ‘cockamamie’ laws they have all over the US.

    You know the ones like :”Tethering one’s camel to a fire hydrant after 2pm on a Wednesday is an indictable offence in Maryland”

    Or did I just make that one up? I’m sure you get the point, anyway.

  7. Trump repealed the law preventing police from buying military equipment. Looks like the police state is being made ready for war on the civilian population.

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