Fin Times writer tries to troll SKWAWKBOX. Backfires hilariously

This morning, the excellent Labour MP Laura Pidcock tweeted about the fantastic interview she gave to the SKWAWKBOX a couple of weeks ago. Happy days.

Sebastian Payne, political leader writer for the Financial Times decided this was a good opportunity to troll this blog and the estimable Ms P:


It’s ‘whither’, as in ‘where to’, rather than ‘wither’ (shrivel), but let’s be generous and assume he was exceeding his 140-character Tweet limit and didn’t want to leave out his comma.

‘Conspiracist’, like ‘fake news’, is a lazy accusation often thrown by right-winger at sites they find inconvenient. But Mr Payne would have been better advised staying tucked up with his thesaurus, as the law of unintended consequences was about to kick in as Twitter users decide to troll back in what rapidly became a long of slap-downs, some artful and some brutal. Here are just a few of the best:


walton payne

A bonus point for imagination:

baeric payne.jpg

gracie paynegruttocks payne

Perhaps we should ask James to do some more tweets for fundraising purposes:

gaslight paynejames paynemikems paynetwist paynebutthurtsasha paynemm payne

Extra marks here for the interesting use of capitals:

ratty paynerobert paynestan paynegm payne

And, perhaps the pick of a very good bunch so far:

A very few people did try to defend poor Seb’s point – and met a similar fate:

jj doughty.jpg

Whatever it was that Mr Payne hoped to achieve with his original tweet, we’re pretty sure this wasn’t it.

If you want to read the full thread, which contains many more gems than shown above, in all its glory you can do so here.

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20 responses to “Fin Times writer tries to troll SKWAWKBOX. Backfires hilariously

  1. Sebastian Payne has just defined himself as a lazy journalist. If he didn’t know what Skwawkbox is, could he not spare 30 seconds to look it up?
    Or maybe, being the FT and all that, he’s another tory telling lies.
    Because that’s what tories do.
    I await his clarification (if he’s managed to find Skwawkbox yet!

  2. Nice one! I must’ve missed the Pidcock interview, which was a very good & perspicacious look at how the ‘entitled’ slime are operating.

    Beezer of a comeback from julia Jay to payne’s defender in the bottom one in the OP. Whoppers like payne should take heed of it. But tbh it’d make no odds to him & his ilk.

  3. Oh – and nice reply (With GIF) from you to payne on his twitter page.

    You should’ve stuck that in your article – balls to what the likes of payne or fawkes & the like’d think 😉

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  5. Rather than slag of blogs that are threatening MSMs very existence they would do well to ask themselves why they are amassing much a large readership but then given how poor they are getting at researching the truth that is no doubt beyond their capability

  6. Sebastian Payne has, in a single tweet, just flushed what little credibility he may have had as a journalist down the pan.



  8. On payne’s twitter profile

    ‘Putting the old school in new media.’

    Hmmm….One suspects the word ‘tie’ is missing somewhere in that statement.

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  11. Sqwawkbox should definitely contact Mr Payne and ask him to provide some examples of these conspiracies. Given that it’s highly unlikely he can (without twisting and distorting), then it’s pretty certain that he won’t be responding, and THAT in itself will tell you all you need to know. Sqwawkbox can then let its readers know the outcome. Please do it, as it will be interesting either way – ie if HE responds, or if HE doesn’t respond. In other words, make an example of him.

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