Video: #Traingate finale shows Nick Ferrari the chump he called Corbyn

Last year, when the ‘traingate’ nonsense was at its fictitious height, LBC boor Nick Ferrari featured it on his radio show with all his typical bombast – and made an ass of himself, along with Anushka Asthana of the Guardian:

The SKWAWKBOX showed the claims that Corbyn had staged his video on a Virgin train to be false at the same time – and the new video footage obtained by Double Down News puts the matter beyond doubt.

Which, of course, makes Ferrari the chump he accused Corbyn of being.

The excellent ‘Agitator‘ has put together this short video to celebrate – and it’s well worth watching:

As the Agitator rightly observes, Ferrari owes an apology to the people he has bad-mouthed in his ignorant self-righteousness, including Jeremy Corbyn, Kerry Mendoza and the rest of the independent left media he has routinely insulted while making an idiot of himself.

And, since his show is always true ‘to the best of our endeavours’, we look forward to his public apology at 7am tomorrow when his LBC radio show starts – along with a full and humble correction of his statements on traingate.

Or maybe not.

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  1. As I commented at the time, it’s more the fact that our possible future PM and his team didn’t have the wit to reserve a seat in a train to a pre planned event, than which photograph or video to believe, that might attract the epithet of “chumpiness”

    1. Graham, you really are a corker for running onto the FA Cup Final pitch at half time and complaining that a blade of grass hasn’t been trimmed correctly.

      For God’s sake man, sort out your pedantic, wayward, broken down sense of what is just and what is right and join the rest of us over here in the serious world of enlightened political investigation, debate and mature, intelligent discourse.

      1. To be fair it’s not me that’s resurrected a year old story!

        And it’s a fair comment on the competence of Mr Corbyn and his team – what happens when they’ve got really important things to plan?

      2. You are missing the point Mr Hindson, possibly deliberately so. Which is the fact of overcrowding and overcharging on what used to be our rail system, whch is now largly owned and controlled by overseas State and Corporate interests who are essentially acting (like many other sectors in these islands) as rentiers because people like yourself are prepared to let them get away with it on everyone else’s behalf.

        If Corbyn and his team had managed to book seats on that journey someone else would certainly have had to stand or sit down in the gap between corridors. Even then it is not unknown to arrive at a seat one has reserved to find someone else occupying it.

        This is because, unlike the European continent, we have the problem of large sections of cap doffing and forelock tugging Uriah Heep’s who accept blindly everything they are told by those they consider their betters about how we do everything better than everyone else ( biggest,baddest, bestest syndrome) and who will happily put up with situations such as being crammed into every nook and cranny on third rate railway rolling stock just so someone can squeeze more profit out of the suckers who would happily die in a ditch to defend the right to be ripped off.

        I’ve never experienced this whilst travelling by rail on the European continent. Even on short journeys. On a recent holiday I travelled 420 miles between two cities in less than four hours on a train where no one stood. 1108 seats. Twenty carriages – two first class; two business class; two buffet cars; two economy class plus; and eight economy class carriages. Facilities for children; special seats for people with pets; bags of leg room and space; and temperature controlled. One hostess for every two carriages. Standard fare on economy class is £65 but as a senior citizen we travelled for less than £20. Fifteen trains a day each way between 05:40 & 1940 so if there are no seats available on one train there is another one leaving shortly. They even have porters, remember them, to take baggage from roadside to platform.

        Germany? No. France? Nope. Switzerland? ‘Fraid not. Italy? Try again. Spain? Wrong again.

        Russia. Yup. Even the Russians are better at looking after their infrastructure and providing better quality public services than we are.

        This country, England and the other countries which make up these islands, would be a lot better off if that section of the population who are prepared to accept crap on everyone else’s behalf stoped acting as unthinking drones parroting everything they are told by the spivs they doff their caps to and started exercising the muscle between their ears before it disappears altogether.

      3. Graham Hindson 23/08/2017 at 9:42 pm · ·
        To be fair it’s not me that’s resurrected a year old story!

        Replace ‘story’ with ‘unmitigated fabrication’ and I MIGHT agree. Except I won’t because the facts needed to be made public – so there was good reason to ‘resurrect’ it, because it’s something you & your likes wish they hadn’t piped up about, now, isn’t it?

        Just like soooo many other things they’ve chose to slate Corbyn for in the past, this too, has been proved to be beyond total bollocks.

        But you don’t see the irony here, hindson. Someone’s put something right and you’re still fatuously finding ways of being sardonic.

        It’s true what people say – You can’t educate pork.

    2. Hindson has lost this one ,but is just too arrogant to admit it and apologise to the Skwawkbox . If I remember correctly they were unable to book ahead for this particular train as they were delayed by a previous event and caught the next available train.
      The truth is that JC is right there were NO seats and is NOT a Lier ( as Tories do EVERY DAY ) .Just goes to show what a pile of SHIT Tory privatisations are , value for money my ARSE.
      BTW nice to see a self confessed a life long Tory voter like HIndson admitting the inevitable that JC will be the next LABOUR PM , God that must have stuck in his craw typing that !

      JC4PM and renationalise the lot ,,,, for the many not the few or Hindson for that matter either .

      1. Strange how my typing “our possible future PM” morphs into my “admitting the inevitable that JC will be the next Labour PM”

    3. Why would Corbyn want to reserve a seat most travellers do not he is one of us and wants to see what we see the shabby way out trains are run

      1. I suppose that begs the question of why there were images of all those seats with reserved labels on them.

    4. So by the same logic, if there’s one bus per hour, and all the seats are taken by the time it gets to your stop, would you be happy about it?

      Or, like most normal people, would you demand the (private usually foreign owned) bus company puts on more or buys bigger buses – At their own expense?

      But I guess you’d demand the bus operator reserve you a seat – at your own expense, eh?

      1. I’d be livid if the bus were full and I had to stand.

        But, as they say, that’s life.

        My point here is that the seat reservation system on the ECML is available, is encouraged and is free. Most sensible people taking a pre planned journey will use it.

      2. Did you miss the part where someone pointed out he was taking a different train than originally booked because of a change of schedule? No system is available to let you transfer seat reservations or make them again on a different train

      3. And because someone has paid the same fare beforehand,or got on the same train beforehand, they should be forced to stand to let someone else sit down because they ‘reserved’ their seat?

        Get bent. Idiocy of the grandest order. It’s a train – not an effin’ show or a restaurant..

        It’d bad enough being a case of ‘that’s life’ if reservations were done away with and you couldn’t get a seat. Instead it’s the avarice of the train companies with their handwringing: ‘But we need humongous taxpayer subsidies to continue to provide a worse than third world services’ bleatings.

        £’000’s for season tickets on overcrowded, decrepit trains ffs…And they want you to ‘reserve’ your seat? Just who the absolute f*ck do these companies think they are?! Beyond a piss-take, so it is.

        And as if you get the bus anyway…The way you carry on, you probably pay parker below NMW to ferry you around everywhere in your horse-drawn…

    5. He did reserve a seat. He missed the train to take time out to talk to a diasbled lady. Learn the facts please. He was you know, showing compassion. Ugh!

  2. It should be remembered that all those who perpetuated this lie had billions of reasons to repeat the smear.

    Billions of reasons in the form of the billions of pounds of taxpayer subsidies which have lined the pockets of private railway operators’ pockets since the privatisation of British Rail 25 years ago. 25 years later and we are still subsidising private companies.

    The experiment of privatising the railway system has been a complete disaster. It has led to an inefficient, overcrowded, unreliable and unsafe service. All the arguments made in favour of privatisation have proved to be false.

    It is time to renationalise the railway system and to reinvest the profits back into the service as part of the Labour Party’s UK infrastructure upgrade programme which has the support of almost 13 million people.

  3. I was thinking if sending the video to him too via twitter so glad it’s already been done. The man seriously speaks verbal hog wash!

  4. Who is the right wing crackpot at the BBC pushing the nauseating buffoon Ferrari by giving him a job presenting News Night? People with any sense of fair play will be turning away from the programme in droves. I don’t want my license fee being used to line the pockets of this pontificating plonker.

    1. @Jack Do what many are doing: ditch your TV Licence. You can watch catch-up TV from ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 (but not iPlayer) without any licence. Plenty of content on YouTube, Netflix and Amazon. You can spend the £147 on something worthwhile. The money I would’ve had to pay for a TVL pays for my broadband. No licence needed to listen to radio as the radio licence was abolished in 1971.

      1. I heartily endorse this ^^^^

        TVL crapita thugs extorting money from people in order to fund their paedophile rings, and pay – Yes, PAY the likes of ferrari kuenssberg etc grossly inflated sums for filling people’s heads full of BS, while dumbing down the real issues of the day in their news broadcasts, filling it with back-slapping self-congratulatory ‘stories’ about the vacuous crap they pass of as ‘entertainment’ like ‘celebrity bake off dancing sheriff sings for it’s supper on ice’ and other such garbage.

        I could go on all day about my hatred of the licence fee and the lies, wanton profligacy & avarice of the bbc, but that’s for another thread…

  5. hindson wearing his arse for a hat once more. He’s the gift that just keeps giving 😀

    As for ferrari – It’d be amusing to see him doorstepped over this like that lying sh*thouse mckenzie was by alex thommo on channel 4 news.


    State of ferrari on the QT clip in the OP, giving it the big: ‘I am’. You’re just NOT, nick. Like the rest of them, you’re just another balloon that drinks the kool aid.

  6. There should be a new adjective added to the English language in mockery of Nick Ferrari – ‘ferronic’ meaning contemptuous smugness.

  7. @Dave Hansell

    I’m pleased that your experience of Russian railways was so positive.

    What we’ve got here though is what we’ve got.

    It’s no secret that ECML trains are busy, and the prudent traveller will reserve a seat. That’s my only point on this thread.

    (If Labour win the next election then we’ll slowly return to the glory days of nationalisation and no one will ever have to stand again presumably)

    1. As a self-confessed tory, you of all people, hindson, should be aware of the phrase ‘Value for money’. And neither the taxpayer, nor the rail user are getting it under privatisation (Of anything, not just railways)

      Keep kidding yourself that our taxes and fares are being wisely spent on subsiding the passengers & infrastructure on the state-owned franchises of the countries that run a third-world service here.

      Add the energy sector to that…And the health sector, and so on…

      That’s it, just shrug your shoulders and say: ‘That’s life’. You’re fooling nobody but yourself.

    2. Answered in a different part of the thread just now, so if that’s your only point in the thread you can stop now 🙂

      1. I didn’t miss Rob’s recollection that the travel plans were changed. I just don’t recall that coming up at the time. Perhaps Rob’s recollection is faulty.

        But the discussion does seem to have moved on to the principle of seat reservations rather than the case in point.

      2. @hindson “I didn’t miss Rob’s recollection that ……….”

        Nope Hindson nothing faulty about my recollection here’s a little more info for for you .
        JC missed his scheduled train on which he had already BOOKED seats , so thus nullifying your accusation earlier over ” what happens when they’ve got really important things to plan?” as they had already booked those seats..
        He missed that scheduled train because as the truly genuine person he is ( something clearly you wouldn’t understand being a life long Tory voter ), spent time talking to a group of disabled people at the said event .This extra time spent listening and caring for what they had to say caused JC to miss the scheduled train .
        So my recollection is just fine thank you very much you sad sad little Tory Troll.
        Now I don’t give a flying fuck if you believe that or not but suggest any further questions or doubts you want to spuriously raise be directed to JC’s office or perhaps to DPAC and see just what response you get there. I am done with you and wasting any more of my time .

        This is another lesson in humility for you as it reinforces the lesson that Skwawkbox has taught you about jumping to conclusions before more information comes to light , see article “ Daily Mail trying to get SKWAWKBOX’s story on abuse-accused Chief Constable “ , just to remind you ,but then again you are to conceited to learn those lessons .

    3. “What we’ve got here though is what we’ve got.”

      It would indeed be churlish of me not to say thank you for succinctly proving the point I made in my earlier post concerning complacent forelock tuggers who bugger things up for everyone else with their confusing third rate rip offs with acceptablility. So, thank you for making my case for me Mr Hindson.

      Should you require it I can also provide a plethora of similar examples relating to other public infrastructure in Germany, Holland, Italy and France. On the other end of the scale, to be fair, you will no doubt be pleased to note that I have on one occasion been through an airport worse than any I have encountered in these islands. Banjul, in the Gambia. Although it also has to be said that the efficacy of the Parliament building in Freetown, Sierra Leone (circa 1980’s), was far superior to that crowded schoolboy’s common room which passes for a parliament in Westminster.

      1. I’m sure that under nationalisation everything was perfect- and will be again if Labour are elected on last time’s platform (sorry!)

      2. There really is no need or obligation on your part, GH, to keep on proving my point for me. But, thanks again anyway. Given the obvious limitations of your binary thinking abilities and seeing as I like you today, I might like you tomorrow, would you like to swap that shovel you are wearing out for a ladder?

  8. In response to Graham Hindson and his oft repeated point regarding reserving seats can i ask it he’s ever experienced the reality of doing this?As a disabled traveller I have and like so much else on our railway system it rarely works.On busy trains people ignore the reserved signs and take said reserved seats,polite requests for them to move are met with aggression and verbal abuse.To be honest I see their point, they have paid the exorbitant fare too.So to suggest that this system would solve anything is foolish and erroneous.The establishment lied to smear Corbyn ,lets see them apologise and publish the truth.

    1. I’m afraid that even nationalisation would not prevent people from being churlish, aggressive and/or rude.

      I have mistakenly sat in a reserved seat and moved when it was pointed out; equally I’ve found people in my reserved seat who have moved without protest. It’s about people and attitudes, not systems.

      1. Oh, lordy!

        Democracy & rule of law would simply break down into anarchy if the network was renationalised & the reservation system wasn’t in place…

        For complete & utter f**k’s sake.

    1. Ain’t that the truth?!

      And as long as there’s imbeciles like grayling in Govt. , expect them to own everything else in future….including the shirt on your back.

  9. Seems likely that, either to protect his company’s reputation, destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s or both, Branson deliberately caused misleadingly selective footage from that train to be released to the media.
    If Branson did give such orders I hope whoever did the editing blows the whistle on him – and soon.
    Galling that so many employees keep their masters’ dirty secrets for a biscuit and a pat on the head.

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