Harrow Tories tweet #racist attack on #Abbott. Hide account. Too late

Last night, Harrow Conservative Association’s official Twitter account put out a grossly racist tweet to its followers and the wider world. The object of that tweet was Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott:


How do we know it’s the official account of Harrow Conservatives? Simple – Harrow Conservatives say so:


The page was still up as of 12.57 pm today and has now been archived at Wayback Machine, in case the Tories decide to delete the page.

The watermelon comment is a crass example of racial stereotyping – not to mention stupid.

Whoever was controlling the account for – let’s not forget – Harrow Conservatives was clearly taken aback by being called out for his/her racism, as the tweet was quickly deleted and replaced by a more innocuous tweet that was ‘pinned’ to the top of the account, as one quick-witted Twitter user observed:

Realising that wasn’t enough, the account-controller then tried more drastic measures. He – apparently he – renamed the original @digitaltories account, then created a new @digitaltories account and locked its tweets so only followers can see them.

That didn’t work either:


So, ‘Mike1984’ – which may or may not be related to a man named Mike – tried to brush away ‘his’ ‘DigitalTories’ racist tracks – and failed. The original, official account of Harrow Conservatives is on record forever as the source of outright racism.

Harrow Conservatives are not the first Tories to try drastic measures to hide Twitter bigotry. Ipswich Tory council head Nadia Cenci deleted her whole Twitter account to avoid a backlash over an insulting tweet about survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy – at the same time, hiding – or so she may have hoped – a number of other distasteful tweets – including a retweet of the leader of a white-supremacist group.

Last month, Diane Abbott spoke bravely and movingly in a parliamentary debate of the hideous racism she has suffered as a leading black MP – which at least one Tory MP then completely ignored, while bleating about ‘abuse’ such as someone signing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ inconveniently.

That Tory MP, Guto Bebb, put out a video in which he tried to blame the left for the vast majority of online abuse – but on actual evidence, it seems more than evident that it is, in fact, the right that has a problem, especially with racist abuse.

And is only embarrassed about its racism when it gets found out.

Conservative HQ has been contacted for comment but has not replied so far. What action the party will take, if any, remains to be seen. Any comment will be published on the SKWAWKBOX when available. The SKWAWKBOX will also be discussing this with the police as likely hate-speech.

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  1. None of this actually surprises me. Good on the Skwawkbox for exposing it.

  2. I thought racism was illegal….I am sure it is I Scots Law so I imagine it is in UK in general…Diane Abbott is a very caring and compassionate lady who I respect hugely

  3. Time the tories where brought to justice over all the racists remarks, it’s bad enough with the public posting racist remarks on social media BUT when it’s someone in authority it’s even worse.

  4. Given some of the things she has said in the past some jostling at her expense is not so bad.


  6. Racist? Is it? I, like the vast majority of British indigenes would just have caught the large, rotund, brainless metaphor, for which, under the circumstances, nobody could be surprised at… Of course, if the melon happened to have a swastika printed on it, that would, as a mental image, be far more apt for the odious thing.

  7. How disgusting. it’s just a reflection on the ill mannered tories! i can’t even say i’m remotely surprised- the tories are notorious for racist slurs, despite racism itself being illegal. diane Abbott herself is one political figure i really look up to, everyone i know respects her! we must all unite together and fight for justice, racism has no place in our society!

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