Tory council head deleted whole Twitter to remove #Grenfell tweet. And these?

Nadia Cenci, the leader of the Tory group on Ipswich council who apologised for a tweet insulting survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire – but not for a similar tweet saying she had ‘stopped listening to them’ – subsequently deleted her entire Twitter account.

She told the Ipswich Star that this was

so that none of my tweets can cause any further offence.

Deleting your entire account because of one or two tweets about a particular incident? But ‘none of my tweets’ might be read as applying more widely.

It’s easy to delete a couple of tweets, so the SKWAWKBOX wondered what else she might have been tweeting about that she might not wish others to see now there was a spotlight on her account and couldn’t be sure of cleaning completely manually.

Fortunately for those curious about the matter, there are a number of archived versions of Councillor Cenci’s Twitter. They are truncated and very incomplete. More is missing than is captured.

But what is captured is of interest – and may have Ms Cenci’s bosses at Tory HQ wondering whether they can leave her in her position or need to take action as they did over a racist joke shared by a Conservative former mayor at the other end of the country.

The protestor-demonising

As we saw in this morning’s article, Ms Cenci tweeted indicating that she considers all protests violent, demonising those who protested against the Establishment’s treatment of the Grenfell survivors as well as everyone who exercises their democratic right to protest against the actions of malignant Tory government:

cenci tweet 3

As an indicator of current Tory thinking, this is a worrying sign (one of many) that the Conservatives want to turn us into a police state. When you consider that Germany what Germany has been doing to peaceful G20 protestors, including turning water cannon on a street party:

novara hamburg.png

The extreme-right retweet

Around the same time as she was typing the Grenfell tweet that shamed her, she saw fit to retweet a message posted by the leader of the extreme right-wing group EDL (English Defence League), Tommy Robinson:

cenci tr

The tweet by Robinson was from a protected account and its topic is unknown. Regardless, Ms Cenci may have been embarrassed by public attention on her decision to retweet Mr Robinson less than two weeks after he was filmed at Ascot races doing this:

robinson mirror assault.png

The grossly offensive, lie-based tweet

Ms Cenci also retweeted a post parodying Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, alleging that they were hypocrites because the practice of attaching cladding to high-rises began under Labour:

cenci lie

The ‘small’ problem with this claim is that the practice of cladding high-rises dates back to the time of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, as the SKWAWKBOX showed last week. So this smear was based on the current Tory Prime Minister lying to Parliament (which is supposed to be a resignation matter).

The ‘push them into the sea’ tweet

Ms Cenci retweeted a comment on Italy ‘defending its borders’ with the remark ‘100% agree’:

cenci italy

Italy is almost entirely surrounded by sea, with migrants arriving from Africa and the Middle East in boats so rickety and crammed with desperate humanity that thousands drown every year. Ms Cenci is essentially ‘100% agreeing’ with a statement that the Italians should be forcing these poor people away from their coasts back into danger.

The immigrant tweet

cenci immig.png

Let’s blame the Greens for Grenfell

The Greens?!

cenci green

And these are just what a search of very partial Google and Wayback Machine archives reveals. What else might have been removed will only be known if someone knows of a more complete archive.

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  1. Nadia Cenci?


    Sounds Eastern European to me. Certainly not a ‘John-Bull’ name. She has the look of a ‘continental’ as well. Wouldn’t surprise me if she couldn’t pass a ‘mischling’ test; but there she is, complaining about immigrants.

    I’ve seen this before with Michael Howard, so it’d come as no surprise to learn that Cenci is of ‘immigrant stock’ herself…

  2. Ms Cenci is truly treble X. Dumb Daft and Dangerous. Her demeanor is aggressive her manner insulting and her intelligence is dumb dumb. Why is is it that persons(!) like her find pleasure in lies insults and the abuse of power………except that our system fully supports such persons.

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