Tory council leader insults #Grenfell victims. Wasn’t all she demonised

Tory Group leader on Ipswich council, Nadia Cenci, this week typified the victim-blaming of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster that the Establishment has been ramping up to divert public anger over its clear failings and responsibility for the tragedy and the decisions that led up to it.

Cenci wrote a tweet in which she agreed that Grenfell victims are ungrateful complainers and implied they should just shut up and be grateful they survived:

cenci tweet

This wasn’t the limit of her callousness. As the Ipswich Star observed, she had also tweeted that she had ‘just stopped listening’ to their plight:

cenci tweet 2.png

The Ipswich Star also reported that Ms Cenci had ‘quit Twitter’ because of the outrage her comments had caused:

cenci star.png

But she took her time about it. The main tweet above was sent on Thursday evening, but as the handy WaybackMachine archiving service shows, she was tweeting as recently as late last night without any apparent remorse:


In fact, she seemed more interested in praising Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg’s performance on Question Time than in any contrition – and was also demonising people for daring to protest against the behaviour of her party’s government:

cenci tweet 3.png

According to the Ipswich Star,

Ms Cenci said her Tweets were not meant to be critical of the residents of the flats, but left-wingers who she accused of “politicising” the tragedy. She said: “The anger of the victims is being stirred up by people wanting to politicise what has happened in a bid to bring down the government. That is what I was talking about. That is why I said ‘Afraid I feel you might be right.’”

‘not meant to be critical of the residents of the flats’? Who else was ‘Not forgetting that they came out of it alive’ referring to?

The SKWAWKBOX will leave it to readers to judge whether Ms Cenci’s apology is anything more than expedient. But it’s the opinion of this blog that Twitter is not all that she should quit.

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  1. WTF is all this bullshit about ‘politicising’ the crime?

    It was political decisions led to it. Because it’s that conservative shower of shite we’re somehow to allow that fact to pass?

    Total shithouses they are. Hang them. Hang the bastard lot of them.

    1. Anything that challenges their worldview is “politicising” it. They are so lacking in self-awareness that they see their worldview as “normal” somehow.

  2. If Ms Cenci decided to stop being political herself and felt more for the victims than what the harm this appalling tragedy is doing to the Conservative party she and her party would not now be in this mess. I have even heard Tories complaining how Jeremy Corbyn went to the scene and hugged a visibly distraught person. what kind of people complain about actions like this? Mr Corbyn is obviously a very sensitive person who knows sometimes words are just not enough, to attack him for this I’m afraid just exposes the Tories for what they really are, a bunch of inherently corrupt automatons, ruthless, uncaring, incompetent, insensitive hard arses and not a party or people I could ever trust or vote for – ever. The Conservatives think more about money and what their mates in the right-wing press will print about them than they do about HUMAN BEINGS, the Conservative government’s treatment of disabled, sick and vulnerable people has already exposed this fault line than runs through the Tory party like words through a stick of Brighton rock.

  3. Oh and of course this tragedy is political, the second that Kensington and Chelsea council decided to save money by not safeguarding their wards and using the correct fire retardant materials to save money so they could give rich people in the borough who had never missed a council tax payment and nice election bung rebate, this became political. Perhaps Ms Cenci should resign from the council along with the other Tory arse licking idiots?

  4. Unfuckingbelievable. Crass bastards. However, this is precisely what the govt are counting on and waiting for- public sympathy to fade and interest divert before the full body count will be released.

    Ladies and gentlemen, what we are witnessing is the biggest scandal since Blair’s Iraq War.

  5. Oh, she just saying what @Graham Hindson (And the rest of them lowlives) are thinking…

  6. I do wonder how much lower these people can sink. Do they not get it that the Grenfell survivors have lost everything, all their belongings, their loved ones, their friends and neighbours, their homes, and perhaps worst of all their peace of mind, which I fear they will never recover. To have these deeply unpleasant characters hounding them and belittling them at every turn must be unbearable. These poor, unfortunate souls who have been deprived, in one awful night, of everything they held dear, need to be shown all the compassion, sympathy and understanding in the World. In addition the guilty authorities should be falling over themselves to recompense them in every way possible. They certainly should not be hounding them from pillar to post as if they were a group of delinquents. Where is their humanity, for mercy’s sake!

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