SKWAWKBOX article brings McNicol to expulsion negotiating table

Looking happy: Rick Burgess

Last week the SKWAWKBOX covered the attempt by disability activist Rick Burgess to get Labour General Secretary to participate in court-ordered mediation to resolve the issue of Burgess’ expulsion from the Labour Party for an innocuous tweet – and the £25 he had paid for a vote he was denied in last year’s leadership election.

Burgess had taken McNicol to small claims court, where a judge mandated mediation, but the judgment had, up to that point, been ignored.

The SKWAWKBOX is pleased to report that Labour’s senior employee has now attended mediation with Rick Burgess, in a move that Burgess attributes to the increased awareness and pressure resulting from the SKWAWKBOX’s coverage – and that the dispute has been resolved.

The terms of the settlement are secret and Burgess could only comment,

Mediation happened, case is now resolved. Now let’s get a Labour Government ASAP

but the SKWAWKBOX is delighted for Rick that a satisfactory resolution has been achieved after a long battle.

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  1. Hi,

    I was banned from voting after paying the £25. The reason they gave was that I’d sent them an inappropriate email It took over two months before they produced their ” evidence “. They scoured Facebook and Twitter to find my posts etc. and came up with two reposts on Fb and one response on Twitter where I’d told someone where to go using swear words. How is this an ” inappropriate email I’d sent them ” ?.

    I looked on both sites to find anyone else who’d been treated the same way, but had no contacts with anyone.

    Do you think I should repeat the small claims process ?

    Kind Regards

    Pete ________________________________

    1. Yes and you should not be gagged either. If you allow that you have lost and he has won because the real truth can not come out. Take some good legal advice.

  2. It is clear Friday m this outcome that McNicol has admitted the expulsion was unfounded and that the £25 he took from Rick was taken under false pretences and has had to be returned.

    This sets a precedent for all members who have been expelled by Iain McNicol’s compliance unit which spies on members and breaches data protection legislation, and also to all supporters who were defrauded £25 by McNicol during the last leadership contest.

    No wonder McNicol forced Rick to sign a NDA to hide these facts.

    The culture of bullying, blackmail, spying and secrecy imposed on the party and its members by the current General Secretary must end.

    It is time for Mr McNicol to go.

  3. Can it be confirmed that Rick had to sign a NDA because if so then that is appalling and hypocrisy of the first order by McNicol and by association the Labour party he represents

  4. ‘Negotiating table’?

    Wouldn’t be any ‘negotiation’ if I had my way – Mcnicol’d be sacked yesterday.

  5. Congratulations on the outcome. McNicholl has to go as he has brought the party into disrepute and the wrong side of the law.

  6. A NDA is generally only requested and signed for when one party (usually the Goliath in the case) is left in tatters and has had to eat humble pie, and fears that if the truth be known it would not only damage them reputationaly but may also leave the way open for many more claims against them. So really, apart from the detail of how much, and how grovelling an apology, I think getting Rick Burgess to sign an NDA really tells us just about everything we need to know!! Congratulation Rick, for having the strength to carry this fight forward. You are a great inspiration and role model for all who have a mountain to climb.

  7. It’s utterly disgraceful to see this Labour Party doing such things to innocent Labour supporters. There is a friend of mine who has been expelled from party after NEC trawled Twitter. Now my understanding is that if NEC has done this, it is in breach of Data Protection. If so (perhaps Skwawkbox might be able to clarify?) then NEC is breaking the law. I questioned Mr McNicol on Twitter as to why Mr Mandelson had not been expelled by his admission of getting up every morning coming up with ideas to get rid of Mr Corbyn. He replied that it was Mr Mandelson’s opinion only. So I then asked him, if that is so then why did NEC suspend 2 terminally ill 80 year olds without a reason. Never got a reply. Why hasn’t NEC suspended Mr Blair for telling all Labour supporters to vote for Mrs May? Others have been suspended because they “liked” a tweet from Green Party. It is outrageous control by unaccountable people who are doing nothing to get this Labour leadership into power.

  8. Disappointed that Mr Burgess has agreed to keeping the terms of the resolution secret. Can a ‘class action’ not be brought for all the other unfairly ‘purged’ members?

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