#Blair tries to undermine Corbyn – by NOT rubbishing him #Newsnight

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It seems the penny has finally dropped and Tony Blair has realised that every time he tries to rubbish Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn’s popularity goes up.

So now in a Newsnight interview with Ian Katz on now, he’s trying a new tack – damning Corbyn by not damning him – presumably in the hope that some of his own toxicity will rub off. You can’t exactly call it praise, more a grudging admission that Corbyn might become PM, if only because ‘these days anything could happen’.

But the far bigger penny seems as far from dropping as ever:

Any time Tony Blair says anything about Corbyn, Corbyn’s popularity is likely to rise – because Blair opening his mouth is an automatic invitation to compare Blair’s innate untrustworthiness with Corbyn’s obvious authenticity.

And there’s only one winner in that equation – even if Blair can’t bring himself to stop clinging to his ‘thin gruel’ politics.

He can’t help himself from meddling – but he’d be better accepting his absolute irrelevance and consigning himself to oblivion.

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  1. Blair’s touching cloth at the prospect of a Corbyn premiership dredging the Iraq war septic tank.

    Sympathy level: 0/10.

  2. Perhaps Blair is finally realising his own irrelevance and each dig he had at Corbyn was just another shovelful out of his own grave. Once people start laughing at megalomamiacs their influence ceases.

  3. Blair exhibits the traits of the rich – being so out of touch and so surrounded by the rich and their trappings, he doesn’t even know that the sight of yet another rich twonk “telling” us all how we should think and vote is every bit as toxic as his own personal political legacy. He is as relevant as Jacob ReesMoggs pontificating to Labour voters, who are instead inspired by the Labour manifesto to expect something better.

  4. This man did enough damage to democracy and the Labour Party philosophy = shut him up = sack his membership and get rid of him and more lies he spouts. Once my personal circumstance improve – my membership to the Labour Party may get reinstated.

    I left Labour when Blair took leadership, I have only just started to respect Labour again since Corbyn took his leadership.

  5. I did not watch News Night on Blair but I saw him in Sky interview. He looked ridiculous and even a right wing interviewer Sophy something sounded fed up. I could not watch to the end as I felt him so sorry like May, he is a man ‘A drowning man will catch at a straw.’ Nobody is interested even did not become that big news any more. Being ignored is worse than anything else. Sorry, Tony. The system gave him favour for his War Criminal Sin but people do not forgive him and give him a judgement ‘Guilty’.

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