Children CANNOT ‘consent’. What the **** is the MoJ playing at?

Horrendous news reported by the Guardian this morning that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) – an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has denied compensation to around seven hundred children for sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of adults – even after those adults have been jailed:

guardian cica

CICA’s reasoning? That the children consented to their abuse.

What kind of people is this government made of? What kind of people is it employing in roles that require huge empathy and sensitivity?

Children CANNOT consent. They’re children – they’re legally incapable of giving consent.

That’s why it’s called abuse – and why it’s a crime.

Absolutely rightly, as a society we encourage the victims of abuse to come forward and we reassure them they are not to blame for what’s been done to them – one of the most common reactions among victims is to feel somehow responsible. This wicked nonsense is telling them the exact opposite – and they’re getting the message, with one children’s charity telling the Guardian. of a victim feeling “devastated and left with the feeling that she was somehow responsible for the abuse she had suffered”.

There have long been allegations that the Tory party covers for paedophiles. Now it seems they have decided to side against the victims even if it means throwing out commonsense and basic legal principles.

13 responses to “Children CANNOT ‘consent’. What the **** is the MoJ playing at?

  1. This is beyond believing. By what right does the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), have to deny justice to traumatised, vulnerable children?
    “In England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales we have to be 16 or older to have homosexual (gay) or heterosexual (straight) sex.

    ‘Sex’ means penetrative sex, oral sex or masturbating together.”

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  2. Just as disturbing from the guardian article is this paragraph…

    ‘The coalition also commissioned a YouGov poll that showed two-thirds of people believe the rules should be amended so that a child cannot be found to have “consented” to activities involved in their sexual exploitation.’

    So, are we to deduce from that paragraph that a third of people believe kids CAN give consent?

    I despair of this country, I really do.

    Tories…Cutting the ‘tory’ from ‘Statutory rape’ 😦

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  3. How on earth can you have laws which state quite clearly a person must be 16 or over to legally consent to sex. Then you have judges who rule that underage kids who have been abused consented to said abuse. How does that work It’s crazy

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  4. The good old just us system, we are do what we’re told and we do what we like, you know it won’t ever change till we stand up and pass this on to as many as possible
    Vic f Lowestoft

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  5. This absolutely beggars belief! How much lower can the ‘so called’ authorities of this Country sink. How can children consent to something that is legally banned? It seems there is no safety in this Country for anyone who is in anyway vulnerable. We do seem to be rapidly returning to the dark ages. I have said this before and sadly it looks as if I was right. To make matters even worse we are paying out huge sums of money to these so-called adjudicators to pontificate, and come to their unbelievable conclusions, and seemingly no one with any power is prepared to step in and change the situation. I do wonder why this is!

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  6. Hey Skwawkbox,

    The indescribable evil that some men do lives on and on and on and on. By what manner of twisted thinking and misplaced ideology does CICA concern itself with to be so destitute of love in their hearts.

    David Lidington, become a better human being and rise with honest intention to support victims of child abuse: provide a robust open transparent legal framework that prosecutes the vile and degenerate who live amongst us and support this priceless endeavour by rooting out and bringing to justice those who are hidden and secreted from public view by wealth and power.

    The public demand you act quickly and positively, and with both great respect and great regard demonstrate integrity as a Minister of Justice. We dare you not to follow public opinion, to do otherwise and make a mockery of the law and governance of it.

    Thanks Swawkbox for reporting on this. By the way, I notice the number of followers on this site is growing by the hour! Awesome…must be the good reporting.

    Namaste 🙂



  7. These are children, and cannot protect themselves , three years ago I said this Goverment was out of Control, it seems as if I have been right.
    This action must be overthrown , and be changed.

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