May’s ‘unshakeable purpose’ = humiliation as she begs for help/ideas

Just when you’d think it couldn’t get any worse, the Tories’ double-speak has reached new depths.

may unshakeable.png

Theresa May has spoken of her ‘unshakeable sense of purpose’ at the same time as begging Jeremy Corbyn to help her on Brexit:

may begs.png

 You really couldn’t make it up – remember when she couldn’t think of anything else to say during the election campaign except ‘Who do you want at the Brexit negotiating table – Jeremy Corbyn or me‘? Now she’s begging for help from the man she ridiculed.

Corbyn has already signalled via his team that he’s in no mood to bail out a sinking government or its hapless leader. Front-bencher Andrew Gwynne told the Independent:


Letting May sink without trace is for the good of the country, as anything that props up this ‘Cabinet of Chaos’ that remains determined to impoverish our vital public sector workers in pursuit of a ‘busted flush’, politically-driven austerity is simply prolonging the suffering of millions of our disabled, poor, vulnerable or young people.

If Theresa May gives two hoots for this country, rather than her political farce career, she will be taking that trip to Buckingham Palace first thing on Monday morning to resign so that the country can elect a real leader who’s clearly been a PM-in-waiting since the morning of 9 June.

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  1. Its a trap , beware , she heads the party of snivelling snide shit shovelling loons .They are thinking not of the immediate future except for one thing Brexit at all costs , achieve that , then admit defeat , go , leave Labour to sort the shit shambles out and then get in again in 2023 or there abouts.
    Nope let the loons sink in their own corrupted cesspit of their own making taking the DUP with them.
    Tories out NOW

  2. This begs two questions: what is the point of Theresa May and what exactly is the point of the Tory party?

    Indicators suggest that during the 2017 General Election we witnessed the peak of the Conservative Party, the party now appears to be in complete free fall.

    The Conservatives are intellectually exhausted and ideologically bankrupt. Members of its aging support base are dropping like flies. Tebbit suggested that 2% of its supporters are dying every year. The party is literally withering on the vine.

    Meanwhile, the Labour Party base is made up of a wide coalition of young and old people, those on low incomes and the middle class. The party is gaining hundreds of thousands of new supporters every year.

    All these factors suggest that the Tories will have to call another General Election very quickly indeed if they wish to avoid being buried by demographic trends and the public’s shift in opinion against the neoliberal orthodoxy which has been undermining this country for the last 35 years.

    The Tories are in total disarray and are haemoraghing support. If they don’t go to the country before the end of the year it is questionable whether they will continue to exist as a political force in the UK.

  3. Just hurry up & call an election ffs – I’m dyin to light this Montecristo 🙂

  4. Time for mayhem to go. She has no entitlement to living in No.10! She appears delusional. High time for an assessment under the Mental Health Act!

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