‘Don’t burn tyres, spray cans’. Pics of Catholics, statues of Mary? That’s ‘culture’

As Wednesday’s Battle of the Boyne anniversary approaches, the frequency of marches by Loyalist groups is increasing in Northern Ireland and further afield. In some areas of Belfast there were fourteen marches in just three days, often right through the middle of predominantly republican areas.

In addition, huge bonfires have been built to be lit in celebration of the anniversary – ‘huge’ on a scale that would boggle the mind of most British people – and ‘decorated’ with every insult to their Roman Catholic neighbours that the builders can think of:

This is the ‘temperature’ that the Tories risk increasing to flashpoint by their collaboration with the Democratic Unionist Party.

Mid & East Antrim Council has issued guidance to bonfire-builders about what they shouldn’t put on their bonfires – but it has nothing to do with avoiding sectarianism and bigotry:

mea bonfire.png

Don’t put anything dangerous on your bonfire – but putting hateful language, pictures of your neighbours’ politicians and symbols of their religion? That’s ‘celebrating culture’, apparently.

The Tory-DUP ‘bung pact’ seems to have almost become normalised in Britain now, but it’s hard to imagine that the Tories have much idea of the situation they are being reckless with – or care much about how it looks to the republican half of Northern Ireland or the possible consequences of their self-interested, short-term clinging to power.

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  1. First, Foster wasted £500m on a scheme to burn wood pellets…Now they get upwards of £1bn and they’re burning wooden pallets. :/

  2. Like the dark ages over there sometimes. As a tourist, the contrast between that part of the UK and the Republic of Ireland was noticeable in their peoples’ demeanour.

  3. I’ll dare to say it’s long overdue for Northern Ireland (or ‘Ulster’) to be reunited with the Republic of Ireland.

    Keeping a little bit of someone else’s country long after colonization is consigned to the history books is just ridiculous. Let Dublin govern the entire island for the indigenous Irish whilst respecting the Orange marching, bonfire building Unionists as a minority north of the border – to be managed as it sees fit. Presumably, the Unionists (coincidentally Protestant) would have to respect the host culture instead of ramming their own down its throat. If they object to a bit of humility, let them be repatriated on the UK mainland (preferably in tory safe seats so as not to tip marginal seats away from Labour!).

    Reuniting North and South would also solve the border issues arising from Brexit. Perhaps Theresa May’s current predicament will act as a catalyst to bring this about.

  4. SOS!

  5. Like these DUP lunatics, the Tories are also playing with fire and threatening the fragile Irish peace deal. With Brexit thrown into the mix and the possibility of a hard border between Ulster and the Rest of Ireland, the results could be catastrophic.

    They need to go. In the long-run, a united, secular Ireland. In the short run, a general election. Now. Before it’s too late.

  6. thanks for this post .i sincerely hope the ordinary decent English people will now see what supporting “the Union” in northern ireland really means –
    It means we are supporting the bigotry, sectarianism , anti-catholicism, anti-irish prejudice that feeds Ulster Unionism and loyalism – to say nothing of the DUP anti-lgbt, anti-women,anti-human rights etc agenda.

    Eurofree3.wordpress.com has a lot of posts about loyalists, unionism and the orange order. Feel free to browse and read up about this noxious connection which, I repeat, would horrify normal English people
    if they had known what it actually signified,
    The overnight change in free abortion for NI women shows that the general public had no idea on what was actually going on in NI and what their governments supported and always upheld and never more so than with the conservative-DUP bribe.
    Time for English people to reflect on what exactly they are putting their name to and how much money they are spending in supporting the “british” in NI

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