Video: court may lift #Blair’s immunity to #warcrimes prosecution

The BBC and other mainstream media are highly unlikely to cover it, but Tony Blair could face prosecution for crimes of international aggression – war crimes to you and me – after all.

Sky apparently considers the matter unimportant:

You have to wonder whether Mr Boulton would be quite so relaxed about it if he were the one facing possible prosecution.

As the RT television station reports, private action is before a UK court to lift Blair’s immunity so that he can face prosecution based on the findings of the Chilcot Inquiry, which held that Blair’s military action in Iraq was not an action of last resort:

It is to be hoped that Blair will be held accountable for his actions and decisions at last.

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6 responses to “Video: court may lift #Blair’s immunity to #warcrimes prosecution

  1. It’d be great if it got the go-ahead (And it bloody well should, along with a subsequent war crimes trial).

    I’d love to see the smarmy, freeloading rat twitch on the end of a stout hemp rope. And his professionally ugly, freeloading tart….And boulton, while were at it.

    Although he’ll slime his way out of this, too, I fear…

  2. Is Blair claiming immunity via the MP’s vote in Parliament to attack Iraq? Does he not know that MP’s voted on the basis of phoney baloney ‘evidence’ cooked up by Blair and his warmongers? Never mind arrest he should be dragged before the House and made to answer for his lies. THEN he can be arrested!

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