#Grenfell: 87? Where are those who jumped?

According to an Independent article today, the Metropolitan Police have ‘recovered’ the remains of 87 bodies from inside Grenfell Tower, raising the estimated death toll to 87 – although police are saying they cannot be sure how many individuals have been found because of the condition of the remains.

grenfell 87.png

However, local eyewitnesses have reported seeing multiple people jumping from the building to avoid the flames as well as the nightmarish sight of parents throwing their children from windows in a desperate hope that someone might catch them.

The bodies of those who fell would not be inside the building to be found among the eighty-seven remains as police sift through debris.

So where are they and why don’t reports reflect their number? Are reports misleading, or simply sloppily written? When local people are full of distrust of authorities and the Establishment media and still insist that the death toll is far higher than is being admitted – and the occupants of 20-odd flats are acknowledged to be untraced – it matters.

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  1. This is what the police actually said:


    They do not specifically say that the 87 have been recovered from inside.

    They say

    “Now I can update on the progress of our search and recovery operation inside Grenfell Tower, which we estimate will not be complete until the end of 2017. On Monday, we forensically recovered the last of the visible human remains from Grenfell Tower and transferred them to Westminster Mortuary. IN TOTAL (my caps) we have made 87 recoveries,

      1. I appreciate that it’s difficult when the facts, however grisly, get in the way of a good story, but name calling doesn’t make those facts go away.

      2. Haha! A tory going on about ‘facts’. You wouldn’t know a ‘fact’ if it jumped up & bit you on the arse. You vote for the likes of dummkopf-schmitt, so don’t lecture us about ‘facts getting in the way of a story’ , mister.

        It was a ‘fact’ that the coroner imposed a cut-off time of 3:15pm for hearing evidence about all those what died at Hillsborough, wasn’t it?

        And that’s a massive part of the reason it’s taken 28 years, thousands of man hours and enormous expense (Something you as a tory should be griping about, but won’t because it’s your ‘mates’ what covered everything up in the first bleedin’ place, and caused it all to drag on & on) for the truth – the REAL truth, not your murdoch bullshit – to come out.

        We KNOW as FACT, the already colossal scale of the council & governmental balls-ups/negligence that have led to, and indeed exacerbated this crime BEFORE any inquest or inquiry was under way. And even after.

        You’d do well to stop telling people what’s ‘fact’ and what’s not. Just because it’s come from an ‘official source’ it shouldn’t be accepted as gospel.

    1. Visible human remains? Now, does that also include anyone who may have been killed by smoke, crush on the wrong ie blocked stairwell etc.?

      This also may be in addition to bodies removed over a week ago that their officers were able to remove without danger to themselves.

      And we still have no idea from anybody how many were on the tenancy lists or how many survivors there are.

  2. if some people jumped and died upon hitting the ground Tory accounting methods probably say they are “voluntary suicides” not Grenfell fire victims –

  3. The stench of corruption and cover-up just gets worse. Ordinary people are expendable.

  4. Seeing as they’ve already had funerals of some who were found outside the building (presumably having jumped or died from smoke inhalation on their way out) it is rather confusing.

  5. I don’t tbik hundreds n hundreds of people did die not unless they crammed them in every single flat many were illegal immigrants paying tenants to live there by subletting ..no illegal immigrants will come forward n say they were in there n this won’t be the only tower block to scam bebefits

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