Exclusive: Pendle ‘racist joke’ councillor suspended by Tory party

The SKWAWKBOX revealed earlier a racist joke shared by Rosemary Carroll, a Tory councillor in the Pendle constituency in the north of England.


Conservative HQ had not yet responded when asked for comment but has now provided a relevant and very succinct response:

Cllr Carroll has been suspended from the Party and from the Conservative group at Pendle Borough Council pending an investigation.

The SKWAWKBOX welcomes the prompt action by the Conservative party but readers will draw their own conclusions about what her presence as a councillor and ex-Mayor says or does not say about the party.

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    1. Here’s a tale about a hard right Wirral “Labour” councillor and Britain First sympathiser.


      If I go onto Google I’ll find all manner of Tory councillors dressing as Nazis or saying they admire Adolf Hitler.

      Corbyn offers a way out of this Tory / Murdoch induced nightmare. Will you vote for that? Are you with us?

      1. You’re right – there are unpleasant people in both the main parties who do not reflect the views of the parties as a whole.

        Will I vote for Mr Corbyn as PM (and Mr McDonnell as Chancellor, and Ms Abbott as Home Secretary) – no, mainly because I find the economics unpersuasive, but also because I cannot forget what they have said in the past, however much they may recant now when there is a glimpse of power.

      2. More than a glimpse I’d suggest. The Tory machine is currently thrashing itself to pieces. Propped up by a billion pound bribe, and a gang of throwbacks, I’m giving it a few months at the most. Change is in the air. The tectonic plates are shifting. The lady pioneer who started The Canary is on Question Time tonight. I think you’re going to be left backing a failed, moribund “growth engine” that’s stalled and about to be decommissioned and sold for scrap.

  1. @Wirral In It Together

    I’ve made a lengthy response to that, but it’s “awaiting moderation” – which can take several days, or even weeks.

  2. When are they gonna do something about paget-brown and the other arrogant divvy’s?

  3. the Tory party can suspend a Mayor for telling a so-called racist joke because it might offend’ yet a Pendle Tory Councillor i complained about for setting the pub doorman on me causing injury just because i said something to him he didn’t like no action taken ?

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