Great advice centre helps the struggling. Needs to raise £40k for itself to stay open

Salford Unemployed Resource Centre does a fantastic job providing unemployed people with the support they need and do not get from a Tory government that has long waged war on our poorest and most vulnerable people. It helps people gain skills and the unfairly sanctioned – whose numbers have mushroomed under the Tories – to get their support reinstated. Last year it retrieved over half a million pounds for the people it helps, who regard it as their ‘fourth emergency service’.


It receives slim funding for the work it does and for the first time in three decades, it’s facing a shortfall in its funding that may force it to close.

If you’re in a position to do so, please take a look and consider chipping in a few pounds toward the £40,000 it needs to raise urgently – and then share the link so others can do likewise.


  1. Best wishes to them is all I can offer, I’m afeared.

    Wallasey employment & welfare advice centre did me & my dad a massive service when the DWP knocked back his AA (attendance allowance) renewal. My dad ended up on the higher rate after they helped us navigate the appeal, whereas beforehand he was on lower rate…Such is the absurdity of this Govt’s approach.

    It’s no longer there now. The shop where it was is something else, and I don’t know if it moved, or folded (I hope not). Places like these are the last line of defence against the vicious regime the tories have implemented. The Citizen’s Advice Bureaux are already stretched beyond reason, and are also starved of resources & funding. Employment & welfare centres take a bit of the heat off them, as far as I’m aware.

    Like @Skwawkbox, I will also appeal for those in a position to help, to please do so.

  2. I’m awaiting my – 6yrs postponed – pension so struggling myself on such a pitiful amount I’m embarrassed to even say! Once I get the glorious sum of £150pw in 3 years time I’m looking forward to being able to spread it far and wide on deserving cases such as this.

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