Met: ‘would be appropriate to seize #Grenfell docs but can’t confirm yet’

The question has been raised by many on social media whether – in view of the removal or disconnection of web pages about Grenfell Tower by companies involved in the recent refurbishment of the ill-fated tower block – police have seized records held by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) and the Tenant Management Organisation (TMO):

cerys docs.png

The SKWAWKBOX has spoken with the Metropolitan Police Service about the issue and received an intriguing response.

A press spokesman reconfirmed that a criminal investigation is underway and told this blog:

At this stage in the investigation, while it would certainly be the appropriate step to obtain documents and electronic records from the council and the TMO, we’re not able to confirm.

While this sounds as near to a ‘yes’ as you could have without the word ‘yes’ being used, the matter is officially unconfirmed – but it seems highly likely that it’s imminent, already underway or even already completed.

Further news will follow when available.

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  1. Well, put it this way, although the Met haven’t confirmed that they have already siezed these Documents, I would have thought that if they HADN’T, then they would be themselves Criminally Negligent?
    I am sure they will be as appaled and sickened as the rest of us?
    After having owned two 1 / 2 Hotels for 38 years, the Police in Newcastle have given us absolutely exemplary sevice for 38 years, as have the Tyne & Wear Fire & Emergency Services,
    Both Organisations have exremely difficult jobs , which they do marvelously
    Geoffrey Stansfield BSc MSc AMCST CEng MICE ; Applied I F Limited
    PS : After arriving back unexpectedly early from Nigeria in 1973, I did a spell Designing on Contract for De Leuw Chadwick O hEocha & Partners, working on the Design of the High Rise Sharoe Green Hospital in Preston
    After coming up to Newcastle, whilst cleaning up the Tyne, I was shocked to hear that ( apparently? ) it had burnt down

    1. Totally off topic, but as you’re “on the line” so to speak, did anything ever come of this regarding the Copeland by election?

      “Applied IF’s mathematicians are currently conducting an analysis of the electoral rolls, council records and voting counts to ascertain the level, if any, of discrepancies in the process and the result. Details will be published on this blog as soon as available.”.

      (No further details were published as far as I know)

      and “..based on the information available so far, Applied IF insists that it can already conclude that the election was not conducted lawfully,….”

      Did you pass this to the appropriate authorities?

  2. Hi. I’m sure you have thought if this but can a freedom of info request be done re Grenfell to get number of survivors? I was just thinking re the ridiculous situation re numbers of deaths.

  3. “According to The Guardian” — caveat as well as attribution — the landlords KTCMO did not have a list of residents, at least not a complete or up-to-date list.

    Elsewhere The Guard writes of a resident: “As she spoke, she received a call from the police, checking for the second time the number of the flat where she lived, and asking again how many people lived there. “I think they are still checking who was there and who survived,” she said.”

    Surely the manager of public housing has a legal duty to know who lives in its buildings?

    KCTMO staff — accompanied by “two burly security guards… They were acting like we are going to do something to them,” said local Labour councillor Beinazir Lasharie” — have finally visited the crime scene.

    They should have been arrested on the spot, but that’s another matter.

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