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The first part of this article originally mentioned a Labour membership figure of 800,000, based on a figure tweeted by a senior Labour MP. The SKWAWKBOX subsequently spoke to his office and the figure was put out in error. An updated figure will be published when available.

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Not only that, but Survation – the only polling company to get Labour and Tory percentages exactly right last week – says that if there was a General Election tomorrow, Labour would win comfortably:


Labour – the biggest party in Europe with the strongest leader in the country and the most exciting policy platform and vision for the country.

Never has it been truer that ‘we are many and they are few’.

And a ‘Humpty Dumpty’ PM just waiting to be toppled from her precarious perch.

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  1. WOW!!!!! My first thought, upon reading the heading, was “When did we pass 700k?”… and having read a bit further I see that it wasn’t more than 3 days before we reached 800k!!! Fantastic!!! 😄😂

  2. I do worry at the excitement of this fact and persons rushing to join Labour, without them clearly understanding that their applications will be ‘Vetted’ by both the NEC and Compliance Unit and their membership fees at risk should the Labour Rightists controlling the Party machinery deem them unfit, namely, being supporters of Corbyn, rather than the Blairite/Bitterite fringe that’s destroying our People’s Movement.

    Indeed, both Richard & John McDonnoll have been brought down a peg or two by myself and many others who have been BANNED from the Party on the most spurious grounds, whilst the Labour Rightists can do very much as they like as far as the Party Rule Book is concerned.

  3. Brilliant news , and we hope that there will now be a change in the Admin of the party who continue this purge. However I see that over in the Guardian/Observer that wonderfully articulate Jess Phillips and other Blairites ( Chris Leslie, Peter Hyman ) are STILL undermining and spreading division in the public eye ( do your dirty washing in private ) . We must be on our guard and deal with these people via our CLPs . The irony of their argument that we Corbynites lost an easily winnable election , well yes but then we were not just fighting the Tories BUT you lot of Blairites in our own party as well . Dugdale ” Vote Tory” Mandleson ” everyday I undermine him ” Phillips ” I’ll STAB him in the front as well as the back ” . Jesus Christ on a bike ,,, thanks soooooo much for your help and support, now why don’t you lot just leave the party , go and stand as an independent and see how you get on. You STILL don’t get it do you , the public have spoken no actually they have SCREAMED that they want a TRUE socialist Labour party.One with honourable caring principles and NOT a Tory Lite party like the Blairites still think they can force down the throat of the electorate . That is hubris , that is arrogance , that is a LOST ELECTION .

  4. Gutless Theresa May’s strategy was to hide away in her bunker and hope her right-wing media friends do all of her dirty work. SOCIAL MEDIA was the boss. MSM is now in chaos, public have seen through their vile tactics of smears, lies and propaganda

  5. Corbyn is spearheading a popular movement against austerity, corruption, hypocrisy and greed. We’ve had enough. And the movement continues to grow. Wonderful news.

    But we need to keep up the pressure on the government to call a second election and drive wedges between the Tories and the DUP, making it impossible for them to form a government.

    Labour will rout the Tories in a second election. We do not want May and her terrorist sympathiser friends in the DUP running our country into the ground with their hate-filled campaigns. Long-term, the Tories are finished and they know it. But they’ll do anything to cling to power. It’s our job to stop them getting their way.

    Finally, thanks again Skwawkbox. You are a invaluable recourse for quality news, exposing Tory corruption and lies, and you’ve kept my spirits up throughout the campaign. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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