Think #May’s in trouble now? She’s still facing police investigation for #Abbott lie

may broken

Theresa May is a broken, shambolic figure this morning. It looks like she may try to limp on in a ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement with the Democratic Unionists – to the dismay of huge numbers of Northern Irish people:

But don’t forget that Theresa May’s diminished figure still has a huge shadow hanging over it as another consequence of her negative, despicable campaign:

The threat of a criminal investigation by the North Yorkshire and Metropolitan police services for what appeared to be a clear breach of electoral law when she lied outright on BBC Question Time‘s leaders’ special, claiming that Ms Abbott wanted to remove the DNA records of ‘criminals and terrorists’ from police databases.

A formal complaint has been made and the Met has confirmed that it is taking the allegations extremely seriously.

Telling a deliberate lie about a candidate during an election campaign is a criminal breach of the Representation of the People Act 1983 – and if Theresa May is charged and found guilty of the breach, she could face at least the loss of her Parliamentary seat and a ban from political office.

May’s June could be going from bad to worse very quickly – and for the good of the country she should step down now.

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  1. Before going to Abbott, for me it seems very dangerous making coalition with DUP. That would bring again instability of Northern Island. She will not lead stable government but shaky and bring into chaos. Her hunger to power seems more important for her than the County.

  2. Isn’t electoral fraud from the previous election still outstanding? What a mess! I signed an e-petition calling for the UN to oversee this election but heard nothing more about it. I assume it didn’t happen.

    May should just GO.

  3. Perhaps readers might have other examples of this, especially from seats like Hastings & Broxtowe that we didn’t quite take?
    Regardless of whether it’s in a leaflet or letter directly from May,or just from the local candidate, if it equates something specifically against any candidate in the election that is known to be untrue…………………………………….???

    1. Hi,
      Well like in Hastings we should have made more of a point in what the lovely Tory Mp wrote about the area, It was comical that she called for what 3 recounts because she could not believe how close it was. Tory’s believe they could walk on water and treat the electorate with contempt, with a longer campaign I think next time, especially after a tough Brexit and virtual death of the NHS people, will wake yup and see what the Tories are and vote them out.

      The knives are out and Tories are already plotting so we are living in interesting times!

  4. Unfortunately she will probably say “I was only repeating what I read in the papers” and get away with it. The police won’t bother to investigate who put the lie in the papers inthe first place. Bastards.

  5. So, the DUP is lecturing the British electorate on what is and is not tolerable.

    What is intolerable is that a handful of DUP MPs are acting against the British national interest by propping up a discredited and humiliated Conservative leader as we fast approach the most important international negotiations this country has ever engaged in.

    That is completely intolerable and totally unacceptable.

  6. Tony Blair got away with mass murder, the majority of Tories got away with electoral misconduct last time around, do you really believe the establishment will turn on one of its own?

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