#May’s #DUP crutch and its paramilitary links #ConfidenceAndSupply

The hypocrisy of Theresa May and the Tory Party sinks to new depths. After their ‘friend of terrorists’ smear campaign against Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, such is their desperation to cling to power they do not merit that they are leaning on the crutch of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) a ‘party on the hard right fringe of British politics’, according to OpenDemocracy.

A party with strong paramilitary links as well as being anti-LGBT rights, anti-abortion and anti-environment. The evidence is in plain sight if you look.

Loyalist paramilitary group the UDA (Ulster Defence Association) has previously called for the partition of Northern Ireland and said that any Catholics left in protestant territory should be:

expelled, nullified, or interned.

uda mural.jpg
A UDA/UVF mural in Belfast

The UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) is another protestant paramilitary organisation and is said to have been responsible for more than 500 deaths during the Troubles. Since the peace agreement in Northern Ireland it has been alleged to be involved in criminal activity and racist attacks:

Just 5 days ago, these groups issued a joint statement urging voters – with a possible hint of threat for dissenters – to support the DUP. Their call was apparently effectively, given the DUP’s increased seats:

uda endorse


uda dup.jpg
The DUP has been photoshopped into this image by some wit – but it makes it more accurate


The DUP eventually repudiated this support, but only after ‘severe public pressure’:

an phoblacht.jpg

The DUP also considers gay people to be ‘unnatural’, denies climate change, has said that women should go to prison for having an abortion and has accepted donations from an organisation linked to Saudi Arabia. A petition against their involvement in UK government has already started because of these views.

Jeremy Corbyn has called on Theresa May to step aside and allow progressive parties to co-operate in the government of the UK for the good of all its people. The Tories have smeared Jeremy Corbyn as a friend of terrorists – yet they are prepared to use people with genuine links to paramilitary groups as a crutch to help them cling to power.

Even though May’s move threatens the already-fragile peace in Northern Ireland, the DUP’s nature and links are being ignored by the Establishment media, as this Twitter commentator observed:

Jeremy Corbyn was involved in Northern Ireland at the behest of the UK government and played a key role in the success of the Northern Ireland peace process.

Theresa May is prepared to get into bed with a party supported by paramilitary groups for the purely selfish reason of trying to rescue herself and her party from a disaster of their own making. Yet that reality is being ignored by the BBC and other media in the hope we won’t notice.

That cannot be allowed to succeed.

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  1. A gang of throwbacks decide ours and our children’s future.

    I predict failure, but worry after seeing May literally walking hand in hand with another famous orange man.

  2. Putting aside terrorist links for a minute…

    Arlene Foster…

    DUP Clown-in-Chief what cost the taxpayer in the region of £500 (That’s HALF A BILLION!) after bollocksing up a green energy scheme that really wasn’t hard to fathom where it was going wrong – and was told so from the off…

    A perfect match – economically – with the other morons…Christ on a stick 🙁

  3. Am being told that the mural is photo shopped? Can you confirm that all photos are genuine? I’ve been told best to remove the article from a Momentum group as “fake news”?

  4. May: I’m forming a new government.

    Electorate: No thanks.

    May (introducing the DUP): Say hello to my little friends.

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