Met taking May electoral breach re Abbott ‘very seriously’ #GE17

As the SKWAWKBOX reported at the weekend, a viewer has made a formal complaint to police about Theresa May’s comments concerning Diane Abbott, which the Tory leader made during the BBC’s Question Time special.

The comments – that Abbott planned to wipe the DNA records of ‘criminals and terrorists’ from police databases – were without foundation and making a false statement about a candidate during an election period is a criminal offence under section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

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An offence that can result in disqualification from public office, as well as leading to criminal penalties.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) had originally advised the complainant to report the matter to North Yorkshire Police, as the comments were made from a studio in York.

Now, in a remarkable turnaround, the MPS has decided that it will take on the case. A response from the MPS’ ‘SCO1 Special Investigations Team‘ confirms a case reference to the complaint and states that it is taking the allegations ‘very seriously‘.

A formal statement from the Met has been requested. Any further developments will be reported as they emerge.

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  1. Diane Abbott MP: Advice Clinic on how to wipe your DNA from the Government database

    Do you know anyone who has had their DNA sampled and put on the government database?

    Were they innocent of any crime?

    Do you know that the European Court of Human Rights has ruled it is illegal to keep innocent people’s DNA for no good reason?

    Tory MP Damian Green recently had his DNA wiped off the database because he is innocent of any crime. Diane Abbott MP believes that what is good for Damian Green is good for everybody else.

    So on the 25th September Diane Abbott MP and the human rights charity Liberty will be holding a DNA database clinic in Hackney. If you, or anyone you know, has not been convicted of a crime but has their DNA on the national DNA database and would like advice on getting their DNA wiped off the database, then call the number below. Lawyers from Liberty will be on hand at the clinic to offer help and advice on the DNA database.

    To book an appointment at the clinic call: 020 7378 3668 or 020 7378 3657. Alternatively you can email: DNA@liberty-human-rights.org.uk. The clinic will take place on the 25th September from 4.30 – 6pm in Hackney

    Best wishes,

    Diane Abbott MP

    ^^^ What is it about left wing progressive female politicians and their predilection for wiping data??? 🙂

  2. About time, at last something is being done about the constant lies from the Conservatives.

  3. At last, the lies she tells, are being investigated.
    Not before time and while they are at it check out the rest of the CON-PARTY!

  4. Oh dear, ‘tess’…Bet you wish you hadn’t told them they were ‘scaremongering’ now, eh?

    That said, I’ll believe it’s ‘being taken seriously’ when she’s hauled before the relevant prosecuting authorities…And found guilty.

    (Where did I put that black cloth?)

  5. Serve May right, as her judgement calls are often wrong, then she insults people whom have a different opinion which isn’t what you would expect from a so called professional. Still after the DUP bung & how that could affect the good Friday agreement. That should also be taken to task. Just get her out before she does anymore damage with Brexit. She is a laughing stock.

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