‘Tory voter-interference’ in Enfield North – alert/info request

The SKWAWKBOX has received credible reports of an individual wearing a blue rosette appearing at polling stations to tell voters they can only vote if they have their polling card with them, in what appears to be an attempt to influence turn-out in the marginal constituency of Enfield North.

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So far, the man has not been identified. Voters nationwide need to be aware that there is no requirement to have ID or a polling card in order to vote at a polling station. If anyone is approached by someone in that constituency or any other making such false assertions, please take a picture of the individual and send it to this blog on Twitter or Facebook, then save it for use by the police.

Again: there is no requirement to have ID or a polling card in order to vote at a polling station.

This is one of several reports today of illegal attempts to influence voters – especially young voters – from voting.

Make sure you are not fooled – and that you cast your vote for Labour. As long as you are in the queue before 10pm, you are entitled to vote.

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  1. Conservatives
    Dear Colin,

    With a few hours left in this campaign, I wanted to say thank you for all your support so far in the campaign – and to ask you for one last favour.

    We know that huge numbers of people are voting in this election – and that many seats will come down to a handful of votes.

    So please – in these last few hours, can you make sure you’ve voted, and make sure all your friends and family have voted too.

    Give them a call, knock on their door, or even offer to give them a lift or walk with them to the polling station. Polls close at 10pm.

    Every vote will count Colin, so please let’s do all we can to secure a stronger Britain with a Conservative Government.

    Thank you for your support,

    Rt Hon. Theresa May MP

    Theresa May
    Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party

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    polling day sent to many close them down ian

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