Tories breaking law at polling stations – photograph, report, do not be fooled #GE17

Worrying reports are reaching the SKWAWKBOX of apparent illegal behaviour by Tory candidates or their representatives at some polling stations.

The Tories appear to be affixing election posters to the walls of polling stations or of the grounds of the polling station, in clear breach of electoral law regarding campaigning within 250m of a polling station or attaching election materials to polling stations:


If you see similar instances in other areas – some are being reported even now – take a picture and tweet or Facebook the SKWAWKBOX.

Even more worryingly, outside at least one polling station queues of young people are being told they’re not entitled to vote, even though registered – and that they can appeal by taking ID to the council offices, but not in time to vote today:


This polling station – Holy Trinity Community Centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme – has been reported to police and the Labour Party so action should be taken shortly.

If you’re due to vote in Newcastle-under-Lyme or anywhere else, you do not have to take ID – and if you registered to vote before the 22 May deadline you are entitled to vote, so do not accept any other statement.

If necessary, call the police – and do not leave the queue. If you’re in the queue before 10pm you are entitled to vote even if you don’t reach the front of the queue until after. Take pictures, or even better video, of the people who are giving you false information. If you’ve already left the polling station, go back with the confirmation email you will have received from the council after you registered.

Labour in the area have issued a statement, but don’t wait for the situation to be resolved – demand your right to vote but keep an eye on their social media for updates:


There are some desperate Tories out there and it’s clear that some are prepared to stoop to dirty tricks. Don’t be fooled.

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  1. Council Returning officers – usually six-figure salaried Chief Executive Officers – are paid up to £27,000 for their work today, depending I think upon the complexity of the job in hand.

    How can they get it so badly wrong at Newcastle Under Lyme Borough Council?

    On a related point, the number of English councils is roughly 370.

    370 x (say) £15,000 = £5,550,000.

    So that’s a lot of our taxpayer cash being expended, not including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  2. Newcastle under Lyme – “The 2015 result gave the seat the 9th-smallest majority of Labour’s 232 seats …” Wikipedia – only 650 votes between Labour’s winning candidate and the Tory candidate in second place
    … now we see why young people might be being turned away – especially if they’re students from the local medical school

  3. received election email fro m conservatives at 1379 from may surely this is breaking the law ian campbell 01646621449

  4. Reports from people on a facebook page I follow saying that they’ve turned up to vote only to be told they’re not registered, even though they voted at the local elections a month or so ago. Can this be right?

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