Queues at polling stations. The UK is hungry for change #GE17 #GOTV

The SKWAWKBOX said years ago that if you give British people an actual alternative worth voting for, they would. They certainly have one now in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

There’s a consensus that turnout is key in this election – and that a high turnout will favour Labour (at least in England and Wales).

The SKWAWKBOX is receiving reports of queues at polling stations all around the country. One polling station attendant, who has worked at the same station for decades, reports that she hasn’t seen queues like it in at least 25 years.

The Evening Standard is reporting ‘huge’ queues in the capital:

es queues.jpg

While one polling station in Lincoln reported it saw more voters in the first hour than in the whole day in 2015.

Here are pictures and reports of some of the queues, tweeted by excited voters. If there are queues when you got to vote, send in yours. Don’t be lulled into thinking your vote isn’t needed then – get out and vote and make sure to help to get out the vote if you can:





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  1. There was only one young person voting when I went along at 8.30am. The friendly and helpful clerk was explaining to him how to vote. Hopefully if the heavy rain stops there’ll be a few more out to vote later.
    When he returns home from taking his Maths exam, I’ll be taking my son along who has just turned 18 in time for GE2017.
    Come on everyone, get all your folks to the polling station! Vote for a future for all of us!
    Here’s an app from Avaaz for anyone who wants to make sure their constituency turns away from the Tories –

  2. Heard youngsters were being turned away even though they had registered. The electoral officers it seems are using out of date registers. Not good enough when the country needs every vote possible

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