#NHS Staffs told to cut £150 MILLION by Tories #STP #GE17

The full scale – and horror – of the NHS cuts dressed up as the Tories’ ‘STP’ (Sustainability and Transformation Plan) programme has been kept fairly quiet by the government and the Establishment media.

NHS campaigners have known for some time just how horrendous STPs are. But – just in time for polling day – the real nature of the programme, to hack the NHS back to the bone, is leaking out.

A BBC local news bulletin reports on cuts of £150 million a year that are being forced onto the NHS in Staffordshire – cuts that will mean the sale of NHS buildings and the cutting of services, including the likely closure of at least one hospital:

The BBC reporter touches on the fact that, as in many places, the government’s ‘consultation’ on STPs is nothing but a sham. Small groups have been deciding on – and implementing – plans even before the consultation period even begins, let alone ends.

And the same applies to every area in England.

As well as showing the continuing decline of the NHS if the Tories are re-elected on Thursday, this should ring a huge warning bell for any voters fooled by the government’s claim that it will have a ‘consultation’ on a cap for social care costs – the so-called dementia tax.

Consultations, to the Tories, are nothing more than a sop to divert people while their health and wealth are stolen from under their noses.

Spread the word while there’s still time to affect how people vote.

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  1. ‘Odd that they have failed to report this on the National News ?

    I wonder why?

  2. Got my ‘reply’ from the ‘impartial’ bbc my complaint about the former tory councillor & private practice consultant who was on bbc breakfast (They kept it quiet) – A supposed ‘lover’ of the NHS…

    Dear Mr. R

    Many thanks for getting in touch about the BBC Breakfast special programme broadcast on the morning of Tuesday 6th June 2017.

    We were naturally concerned to learn of your unhappiness about an interviewee, so we’ve carefully reviewed the programme segments in question and have also discussed viewer concerns personally and at length with the programme’s Editor and other senior editorial personnel within BBC News.

    We’d explain that Gordon MacLellan was part of a large pre-General Election outside broadcast event on BBC Breakfast – he was one of a number of guests in our audience who had an interest in, expertise in, and a range of views about health, social policy and other election issues.

    His main role was part of an opinion piece film where he debated the NHS with a Junior Doctor face-to-face. We labelled both as people who ‘loved the NHS’ and ‘health workers’. The film was very clear where each of them stood and very balanced which is why we didn’t feel it necessary to say Gordon MacLellan was a former Conservative Councillor 2003-2010 – or indeed that the Junior Doctor is a member of the Labour Party.

    Like many Consultants, Mr MacLellan also worked in private practice too, and we didn’t believe that disqualified him from contributing to our debate. In the short sequence about the so-called ‘dementia tax’ he described his personal experience with his wife and said he supported a £100,000 threshold. Our Health Editor Hugh Pym alongside him then immediately explained Labour’s position on the issue.

    Many thanks once again for taking the time to get in touch. We do hope our reply here helps to clarify matters and thus allays any concerns you may have had.

    Kind Regards

    BBC Complaints Team

    Make of that what you will. No wonder they’re never getting a shiny penny in licence fees off me.

  3. By the way…It’s not surprising it was in my ‘junk’ folder, neither :/

  4. and yet the Tory candidate for Cannock has posted today this is just scaremongering

  5. All five Staffs seats won by the toerags…

    How long until they start whining when their hospital(s) shut? If that’s what it has to take, then they daren’t blame anyone but themselves.

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