Audio: IDS admits May knew she “weakened anti-terror powers too much” #GE17

This morning the Establishment media has been desperately trying to exploit the weekend’s terrible events by reviving smears against Jeremy Corbyn.

But on Sunday former Tory Cabinet Minister Ian Duncan Smith [IDS] made an astonishing, but little remarked-upon, admission on national radio that put the responsibility for the UK’s vulnerability to terrorist atrocities firmly on the shoulders of the Prime Minister.


may ids.png
Theresa May and Ian Duncan Smith


Speaking to Radio 4’s The World This Weekend programme, he raised – unprompted – the topic of TPIMs.

‘TPIM’ refers to the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011 – legislation brought in by the coalition government to replace Labour’s ‘control orders’. Control orders allowed a Home Secretary to order a restriction of the liberty of a terror suspect in order to “protect members of the public from a risk of terrorism”.

And IDS’s remarkable admission was this: he and Theresa May both knew that the new legislation had ‘watered down’ the old ‘control order’ too much:

Smith admitted:

One of the things I know I was concerned about in coalition, and I know Theresa May was when she was Home Secretary was,.. the TPIM order that gives those powers was watered down and I think it was weakened too much.

This incredible comment passed without further examination by the interviewer. But it is a flat-out admission that May knew the anti-terror laws she had brought in were not fit for purpose.

Now, if you wished to be extremely generous to May, you might argue that she couldn’t strengthen the laws in coalition because the LibDems might not accept it. Unlikely, but possible.

But May was Home Secretary for fourteen months in a majority Conservative government and then Prime Minister for a further 11 months – and did nothing to correct what she knew to be inadequate control of terror suspects.


This is on top of police cuts that she was warned put our population at risk – by police, security experts and Jeremy Corbyn, who yesterday gave a Prime Ministerial speech about security that has been ignored by the BBC and most of the mainstream media.

There simply is no excuse – and only one place for the electorate to put the responsibility – not for the loss of life directly, nobody but the terrorists bears that – but for weakening both law and the police and security services that increased our vulnerability to such attacks.

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  1. See this just posted on SHA website : it suggests reopening day centres for the elderly.
    They have been closing everywhere. Their reopening should be advocated by Corbyn .
    He still needs to be trying to win over the elderly. This could be the one measure that could catch the eye and strike a chord with the elderly.

    Original Message—–
    From: Gillian Maher [mailto:wordpress@sochealth.co.uk]
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    New comment on your post “Social Care Funding: Understanding the reality behind the manifesto commitments”
    Author: Gillian Maher (IP:,
    Email: muff2win@yahoo.co.uk
    The most efficient way of maximising the availability of social care to a wider category of people in need of care, is to revert to the community day-centre model, which can provide essential care with the minimum of staff, augmented by trained volunteers from relevant charities.

    In this way, fewer staff can care for more people – and provide basic health care and therapies (e.g. physiotherapy) in the most efficient way possible, thereby relieving pressure on NHS services.

    e.g. Maidenbower Day Centre in Crawley West Sussex, provided 6 hours of day-care to 95 people every weekday, with just five very well-trained care staff and an army of volunteers from the relevant local charities.
    The Community bus provided transport and with support from the NHS, many of their “residents” were provided with basic health-care which avoided the need for hospital visits – or as we have seen, emergency admissions; after which the patient cannot be discharged, because they do not have access to care…

    This was a model which attracted World-wide attention, because it cared for more people at lower cost than any other model – and also pre-empted inevitable accidents, when disabled and frail people were abandoned to care for themselves, thereby creating a crisis in the NHS.

    It was dismantled by the Coalition, to maximise pressure on the NHS, both financially and operationally to enhance the case for privatisation of the NHS.

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  2. I think Mrs May has called this election because she is under pressure to go. The Tories could not replace her so soon after replacing Cameron, so call an election wait a respectable period then replace a lame duck PM. It’s my guess that if (heaven forefend) this shower are reelected, after a short period she will be replaced by yet another lame duck. Call me old fashioned, or even a democrat but I like to know who I am electing as PM.

  3. IDS up to his old tricks making sure when the s***t hits the fan he won’t be implemented when we all know he’s one of the snidey hits who’s behind Teresa May as I’ve said before he’s one evil b*****d

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