ELEVEN times Tories didn’t know their numbers in #GE17

Short and sweet, this post. The media have gone crazy repeating one time Jeremy Corbyn had to look up one of the many numbers in Labour’s fully-costed manifesto. Labour has numbers to look up. The Tories’ manifesto has so few numbers (and no costings at all) that you’d think they couldn’t cock them up – but you’d be wrong.


Here are eleven times the Tories got their sums wrong – or couldn’t answer a simple question about their numbers at all:

tory cockups.jpg

The media want you to think one thing. The truth is very different – and it’s obvious as soon as you look beyond biased coverage.

If you want competence, honesty and thoughtful leadership, vote Labour on 8 June.

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7 responses to “ELEVEN times Tories didn’t know their numbers in #GE17

  1. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    Tories are allowed to not know anything
    They get a free pass from the Neocon press
    Now, more than ever
    We live in a fantastic crypto-fascist reality-world where fake-news is the force-fed drug

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  3. t’was all a myth..a con…bit like the old story about the fellow who said his dog had learned to live without food.–..until it died. …..Austerity never worked under Thatcher either…that’s when so many of our good experienced technical workers fled…as they are now doing…… Why do we think we are reduced to import (steal) such workers from other countries ?


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