Corbyn causes #MayMeltdown with #BBCdebate masterstroke (video) #GE17

Earlier today, Jeremy Corbyn surprised almost everyone by announcing that he would, after all, participate in this evening’s leaders’ debate on BBC television:

It was a stunning move that caught Theresa May and her advisers completely by surprise and left the Tory leader floundering.

During a press conference that had clearly been arranged before Corbyn’s announcement but couldn’t be cancelled without looking totally afraid, a sweating and ill-at-ease Mrs May faced a barrage of questions from journalists that had the Prime Minister in meltdown – strange giggles, stammers and facial expressions that clearly showed how desperate May was to be anywhere other than in front of the cameras answering questions.

Anywhere apart from in a studio facing Jeremy Corbyn, at least.

Sky showed footage of the press conference, but the SKWAWKBOX has prepared a version that shows the near-panic Mrs May was in:

The contrast between the confident, even rampant Corbyn and the ‘weak and wobbly’ Theresa May could not be plainer. There is no doubt about who has the momentum in the campaign. No wonder the Tories are – as they admit anonymously – in a panic.

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  1. May is completely losing the plot.

    She is acting like a raving lunatic.

  2. At least I didn’t mention the war! I may have done once but I think I got away with it! Where is this feckin place, anyway? I’m sure we were here last week. That yellow machine behind me looks familiar! And that tea machine! I’d love a cup at the moment. Anyone got a 50 pence piece? I’ve blown it, haven’t I? Shall I start giggling again? Bollocks! Even the cameraman is laughing! I’d better get me coat. Taxi! Taxi for Mrs May!

  3. It’s great to see, but completely perplexing. What on earth has happened to the infamous and ruthless Tory machine?

    Her decision not to to take part could be justified or explained away if she had the brains she was born with. I’m not a fan of these debates myself, as while they can just about be justified in a presidential system where showbiz politics are part of the culture, IMO they have no place here.

    However refusing to attend while sending a subordinate instead, rather than boycotting the entire event, is staggeringly inept. Can it really be the case that with all that money and so many so-called professional wonks and advisors, none of them could see how terribly this would reflect on May?

    Great to see JC and/or his advisers spotting this yawning chasm and walking straight through it – although to be fair you’d have to be as stupid as May appears to be not to spot the opportunity.

  4. All the strength and stability of a limp lettuce leaf. About to be binned from the salad bar. But what has made it even worse, she sent Amber to take it on the chin for her, 2 days after Amber lost her father. Whatever you think of Amber Rudd’s Magic Money tree (clearly a tree that siphons wealth to the richest) and hard choices (that are always hardest for the poorest and most vulnerable) this was callous, craven and cruel. Even if Amber Rudd insisted she could step into the breach in these difficult circumstances a true leader would have the empathy and understanding to step up. She has been exposed as not only a vainglorious empty husk of a politician but an empty husk of a human being.

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