Essential 2m video shows clearly how Tories distort, smear to fool you #GE17

As is now well-known, the Tories have been trying to buy the election by paying YouTube to run adverts when someone clicks on a Labour-supporting video. Those ads are intensely, deliberately deceptive.


Now someone has turned the tables by taking the Tories’ ads and showing, simply and clearly, how they distort the truth by stripping out context and selective quoting.

In other words, how they lie to mislead you and treat you like a fool.

A SKWAWKBOX reader flagged this brilliant video in the comments on this blog. It’s a fraction over 2 minutes long and absolutely vital viewing.

The antidote to disinformation is good information. This is good information. Please watch and share widely:

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  1. Excellent clip. There’s no depths to which the Tories won’t stoop in their desperate bid to smear their way through this election campaign.
    Have you seen this app that automatically tracks which political parties are trying to get your vote through advertising? It’s particularly meant to track these ‘dark ads’.
    I must admit, I use a heavy duty ad blocker so no ads reach me – so I can’t comment on how this app works. But it came to me from David Babbs at 38 Degrees so I would firmly expect it to be reliable.

  2. Hey Swawkbox,

    The final segment of the video with the Welsh Flag proudly flying behind a great, great man is an image I will always treasure.

    His sentiment and depth of feeling is fuelled with true passion, his vision for Peace far-reaching and purposeful, his articulation and presence is that of a true leader for our great nation. One feels confident in his ability to lead the UK out of darkness and austerity and in so doing guide all Nations to a true understanding of Peace and the real prospect of a healthier, richer, more progressively civilised planet for all.



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