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The SKWAWKBOX published a video this morning that an observer had created concerning the Naylor Report, which Theresa May said – without explaining – that she fully supported.

May treated it as if the ten billion pounds implementing Naylor will cost was an additional Tory investment in the NHS – but in fact, it’s the opposite. £10bn is the cost of forcing the NHS to sell off its assets on a BOGOF (buy one get one free) basis at fire-sale prices to private companies.

nhs bogof
Image courtesy of @galeuxdeysine

Any NHS Trust that doesn’t participate in the sell-off will be forced to pay a penalty of 3.5% of the value of those assets at market rates – but market rates will not apply to assets sold.

You can watch the full video here, but at over 11 minutes long a lot of people were asking for a shorter version of the information so the ‘time-poor’ can access it easily.

So here it is as a simple graphic that summarises the full horror of the Tories’ plan to strip the NHS of its assets to enrich their mates and donors:

naylor summary


The government is going to spend ten billion of our money to prepare our NHS assets for cut-price sale to private companies – on a BOGOF (buy one get one free) basis. And if trusts don’t sell, our NHS will be charged an annual fee to keep assets we owned – and will not receive public funds for investment in vital new equipment and buildings.

And she tried to sell that idea as if it was an investment in the NHS.

This information must enter the public consciousness now – while there is time for it to affect how people vote. Because if Theresa May is not evicted from Downing Street, our children will face at best a future with an NHS not only coming apart at the seams but also stripped of all the assets we paid for.

Even people who don’t have 11.5 minutes to watch the video can now grasp this information in seconds. Please share, share and share again.

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    1. I meant to say…

      ‘They’ll try finding a way to flog off foodbanks next’


  1. Couldn’t watch it? Watched it twice and followed the links mentioned. Unbelievable! The Public paid for OUR hospitals and they have NO right to run them down and sell them off so U.S. companies can make a Killing from privatising the remains.

  2. May and her Cons to force sale of NHS assets at BOGOF.[ buy one get one free] prices. Trusts to be FINED if they do NOT sell OUR, THE PUBLIC’S, assets. Cons ROBBING the public under the pretence of giving NHS money!!!! These bandits, brigands and muggers of the public want you to elect them….Elect them at your, and your children’s, PERIL.

  3. The British public are being fooled into believing the NHS isn’t being sold off when it is patently obvious it is, we are seeing the system changing fundamentally, we will shortly have a health service unfit for purpose with insurance the only guarantee to ensure your family will be treated for ongoing illness, A&E will always be there and that is what the tories mean when they talk about the NHS, but even then some people will see 40-50m distance to get treatment, they will be understaffed and overworked.

  4. Hey Skwawkbox,

    Regards privatisation…those who are dependant on UK Social Security to stay alive and exist have first hand experience of the devastating impact that follows when aspects of Benefit provision are farmed out to commercial enterprises (at huge cost to the UK tax-payer) who seek only to maximise profits. I speak of Work Capability Assessments and of course Assessments for those either applying directly for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or those transitioning from DLA to PIP. One only has to take a few minutes online researching the damage these companies have on the lives of the vulnerable to understand the tragedy that exists now let alone that could follow when select commercial companies profiteer from the poor: when filthy lucre replaces common sense, kindness and compassion. It is morally and ethically wrong.

    National Insurance Contributions should be paying to protect one and all in society and not be misdirected into the bank accounts of the already grossly rich at the people’s expense. As one commenter has suggested here on Skwawkbox before: unless one is a millionaire there can be little justification for voting for the self-serving conservatives in June.



  5. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    I an utterly, and totally FURIOUS right now!

    The Tories are trying to con the British public that their sale of publicly-funded NHS buildings – in a BOGOF deal to private buyers – is going to be good for the NHS!

    They have made absolutely NO guarantees that the money they receive for the sales will be re-invested back into the NHS and, to make it even more sickening, will fine any NHS trust that refuses to sell, 3.5% EVERY YEAR, until they do sell!

    If they get back into power on June 8th, you might as well say goodbye to the NHS – and watch as the Tory money-grubbers deal out the money they make from the sales, into their off-shore accounts – because the British public, who have actually paid for the vast majority of everything to do with the NHS, won’t see a penny of it invested back where it belongs!


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