May loves #NaylorReport. EVERYONE must see/share (video) #GE17 #NHS

The SKWAWKBOX has been inundated over the last couple of days by people sending the link to a video, with messages to the effect of ‘you must do something with this’.

Having watched it, they’re absolutely right.

During her TV interview with Andrew Neil last week, Theresa May repeated her usual nonsense ad nauseam, but when asked about Tory plans for the NHS, she only talked about The Naylor Report.

may naylor.png

May admits that implementing the Naylor Report will cost ten billion pounds – but she makes it sound like this is additional government investment in the NHS.

It is not – it’s £10bn of our money that Mrs May intends to spend on ‘accelerating’ a ‘BOGOF’ two-for-one fire sale of NHS buildings and land to private developers at knock-down prices. The plan will also charge hospital trusts millions if they don’t want to sell.

And – so far – it’s slipped through under the radar of this General Election. We all need to change that. Watch this video – it’s very simple and clearly put by its maker Chris Holden.

And then share the hell out it. (edit: and out of this short, below 2min version, too.)

It’s what Theresa May will do to our NHS – using our money – if the Tories get back into government.

Only 21,000 or so of the people of this country have seen this video so far – but it needs to be seen and understood by everyone.

The Tories claim they want to protect the NHS. They don’t – they fully intend to flog it off and to add insult to injury they plan to use £10 billion of our money to cover the cost of the fire-sale. For our own and our children’s sake, we cannot allow them anywhere near the power to do it.

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  1. Thank you. I’ve been trying to push this out as much as possible to everyone I could find with a platform.

  2. Hey Skwawkbox,

    This I imagine is just the beginning of an insidious intention to ultimately and deliberately dismantle all state owned public services and place lives in the hands of corrupt money-grabbing heinous commercial enterprises in much the same way as they do in America. In the US, approximately 650,000 people per year cannot afford medical insurance and suffer the consequences. God help us all!



    1. And 643,000 US citizens had to declare personal bankruptcy due to incurring medical bills they could not afford to pay. If the Tories win on June 8th, welcome to the Brave New World of an NHS-less UK.

    1. If you don’t read the article yourself you are extremely gullible. It’s not BOGOF it’s 2 for 1 for the NHS, as in double receipts (receipts mean funds in legal speak). The Treasury will double the NHS income on the sale of the abandoned properties as an incentive to get them to release the properties.

  3. You need to go to nhs property services ltd website for details of board of directors (and to have a look at what they’re up to! I think you can download a list of properties they’ve already sold too…). Simon Stevens is CEO of NHS England Board and doesn’t appear as CEO of NHS property services as far as I can see.

    1. Stevens IS CEO of NHS Property Services Ltd. – a company specifically set up by the Tories to asset-strip the NHS.

  4. Well, this takes the biscuit!.!….This cannot be allowed to happen..I can see a revolution coming, can’t you?..Who the hell does this woman think she is?…Even her election speeches are all vote for ME..Its me, me, me, all the way..For God’s sake woman get over yourself….

  5. Thank you. We must share the hell out of this and get rid of this insidious Ants nest. Unbelievably sly and stealthy!

  6. I’m in total shock that this has not been screamed from the rooftops!

  7. They hang the man, and flog the woman,
    That steals the goose from off the common;
    But let the greater villain loose,
    That steals the common from the goose.

    I believe this English folk poem was a protest against the Enclosures Acts that gave powers to the establishment to seize common land.

    Perhaps the western oligarchs are getting envious?

    The multi-billionaire Russian oligarchs are the product of the privatization of state companies after the fall of the Soviet Union.

    Shares in Russia’s largest oil / mineral conglomerates were sold at a fraction of their real value.

    Russian voters called this policy “prikhvatizatsiya,” or “grabification.”


  8. You’ve got to watch this: Have you had one of these nasty adverts pop up in your Youtube playlist? It’s an example of how some clever editing can distort the true message that anyone puts out there. We can all do clever editing and make it look like people say things they didn’t….

  9. The Naylor Report is, essentially, an invesitgation into how we can get the best value out of the NHS Estates with a view to improving, modernising and expanding clinical services. This includes developing some sites to improve and bring them into the 21st century and selling off other sites where this will bring the greatest benefit to the NHS. All monies realised from the sales would go back into the NHS. This is not privatisation. Please see the actual report here or if you can’t be bothered to do that, read the summary which will take 10 minutes

    1. If what you say is true, why is Mrs May admitting this policy will cost £10 billion to subsidise?

      1. Because receipts can possible be £5bn and the HMT has recommended a 2 for 1 offer on the receipts received. Total cost then becomes £10bn. The subsidy is coming from the Treasury to the NHS.

  10. Seriously people this article is so misleading. It’s not a BOGOF deal to investors, read the review yourselves before just believing drivel you read on the internet. The incentive is a 2 for 1 offer to the NHS, meaning HM Treasury will match the sale price paid for the disused land and double to NHS’s bubble. The incentive is for the NHS not property purchasers.

    Disused property is sold through auction and the councils trusts who own them are duty bound to try to get the best price for each of the publicly owned assets. Look up Clive Emson past auctions, loads of old, out of date unusable NHS properties go through their books. A public auction is the only way the sales can be kept corruption free as the properties reach market value or higher.

    Please people do your own research. Our futures depend on open and honest facts. This stuff is so sad, I can’t believe how many people are falling for it.

    1. I hope Christina and the other Tory apologists coming on this site have got their private medical healthcare insurance policies in place if the Tories win on June 8th.
      I hope those policies will not exclude any pre-existing conditions (known or unknown when the policy was issued) and that their cash flows will not go totally negative while they are waiting to get their medical payments refunded – unlike in the USA, where 643,000 people had to declare personal bankruptcy due to medical bills.
      We all know Hunt published a book before he became Health Secretary, in which he called for the total privatisation of the NHS.
      The Naylor Report is THE vehicle for achieving Hunt’s objective.

      1. Just because people want to do something, doesn’t mean other people will let them. Tories are well aware that there is no call for privatising the NHS. There is no document anywhere that says that they will. In fact over the years, Labour has been the one to damage the NHS with mismanagement, botched IT systems, PFI borrowing and mass unskilled immigration.

  11. The Tory apologists writing here have skated over those parts of their plans which compel hospitals and CCGs to sell-off their assets.
    This is why the Tory preference is for asset-stripping the NHS.
    Another 5 years of Tory mis-rule will spell the end of the NHS.
    Vote Labour on June 8th – and Save Our NHS!

    1. It’s not asset stripping. Stop pretending it is. The NHS trust are holding on to hundreds of defunct buildings for what? Hoping the market will go up. Costs to build also rise in a rosing market, so that is false economy. The incentive is to get them to sell them and release the much needed equity now because it is needed now. There will always be more defunct buildings for the NHS to cling to but for now people working in the NHS need local housing. Stop pretending you have sone insider knowledge about the whims of the Tory party. You sound like a clown.

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