#NaylorReport: May’s BOGOF #NHS sell-off – SHORT video version #GE17

After the SKWAWKBOX published Chris Holden’s 11.5-minute video on the Naylor Report, which Theresa May has admitted she fully supports and which will result in the sell-off of NHS land and buildings to private interests and fire-sale prices and on a ‘buy one get one free’ basis, there was a clamour for a short version of the video, to maximise the number of people who can see and digest the information.

Mr Holden has created a ‘potted’ version of his excellent video – it runs at below 2 minutes and contains even harder-hitting information:

Every voter in this country needs to see this. Please watch this and share it as widely as you can so that voters are aware of the Tories’ real intentions for our NHS in time to ensure that Theresa May is kicked out of Downing Street before she can destroy the NHS that our children and their children should be able to rely on.

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