2.9 MILLION people registered to vote in #GE17

As the Independent revealed today, the drive to register voters for the General Election paid off hugely, with an astonishing 622,000 people registering yesterday before the midnight deadline – of which 246,000 were under 25.

ballot paper.png

This takes the total who registered in just over one month between Theresa May’s 18 April announcement of the General Election and yesterday’s deadline to over 2.9 million, with a high proportion of those new voters below 25 years of age – and two million in the under-35 age bracket.

To put this into context, in the five months between Dec 2014 and the cut-off just before the General Election in May 2015, one million registered.

Yesterday’s total significantly outstripped the 485,000 who registered on the last day for the 2015 General Election and the 525,000 who registered on the final day for the EU referendum.

This means that we go into the 2017 General Election with well over three million voters who were not registered for the 2015 one.

In 2015, just under 31 million people voted, so if everyone who has registered this year votes, they will represent well over 10% of the total number of people who voted in 2015.

Just the two million under-35s who registered this time around are equivalent to around 6.5% of the 2015 total.

Enough to make any polls and permutations meaningless – if they all turn up to vote on 8 June. And if you need/want to vote by post, remember you can still register for that up to 23.59hrs tonight, as long as you’re registered to vote at all.

As the West Wing observes, decisions are made by those who turn up. If you’ve registered, make sure you get out to vote and have your say. Engaging in our democracy is one of the best ways to show we stand against terrorists and all they represent.

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  1. Postal voters should mlke absolutely sure that their votes are going to the right place and not to a Tory address

  2. Murdoch will register this, summon May to his inner sanctum, then the gloves will come off. Expect The Scum and The Times and The Wall Street Journal to go large on terror and the blackening of Corbyn’s reputation. Then expect 4 more tax dodging media billionaires or hitch a ride on the toxic bandwagon.

    All voters need to hold firm, not be swayed and don’t become a puppet, bending to the will of billionaire crooks whose piles of cash keep them way above the law of the land.

    DON’T allow the Nasty Party to sit back and reap the benefits of sowing division and hatred.

  3. This reminds me of the massive spike in the Labour Party membership in the run up to Corbyn’s second leadership victory.

    They certainly weren’t signing up to support Owen Smith then, and I think it is a safe assumption to make that they people aren’t now registering to vote for the fatally flawed and untrustworthy Tory candidate, Theresa May.

    Here comes CORBYN!

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