While May lies to BBC that Corbyn faked news – #CCHQ invents outright lie #GE17

If only this was unbelievable. But the Tories’ HQ (CCHQ) has already established a track record for lying on its social media feed and in its letters to voters.

However, you’d like to think they’d at least have the common sense – let alone a sense of decorum – not to do it while their leader is live on national TV falsely accusing the leader of the Labour party of fake news.

Theresa May, talking to Andrew Neil during an interview which is the nearest she dare get to a debate, squirmed under Neil’s probing on her ‘dementia tax’ plans – and supposed U-turn, especially when Neil pointed out to her that

This must be the first time in history that a party broke a manifesto promise before the election!

Her attempt to deflect attention away from her incompetence and dishonesty was to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of making fake claims about the impact of her plan – which, of course, completely ignores the fact that pensioner groups are saying exactly the same.

At the same time, CCHQ were tweeting a claim that is not even distorted – it’s completely made up:

cchq fake 25p

This is simply an outright invention – a flat-out lie. Nowhere has Labour given any such plan in its manifesto, nor do the Tories have any evidence for it.

Corbyn’s office communications team was quick to point out the lie and what Labour actually has said – its firm, fully-costed manifesto promise:

loto 25p.png

May’s performance on the BBC, meanwhile, was so poor that rumours are now circulating that she is deliberately trying to lose the election. Which is nonsense – but shows just how dire things have become since she pulled the toilet flush on Tory credibility on 18th April.

It seems she’s trying to live up to the old trope, “If her lips are moving, she’s lying to you” – and that CCHQ are following their leader’s example.

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  1. I first saw the “trying to lose the election” claim about a week ago. She took a poison chalice from Cameron post EU referendum, and I now have a horrible feeling that if she ploughs on on the same trajectory of:

    ▫️avoiding debate with Corbyn
    ▫️exercising inept U-turns
    ▫️inviting criticism from her own on message media
    ▫️shying away from contact with voters, whoever and wherever they may be
    ▫️targeting young, middle-aged and old alike
    ▫️keeping an open mind on fox hunting

    …this theory is going to gain more and more credence as time ticks away.

  2. Simply, now she’s tried & failed dismally to negate the bad effects of this policy, a lot of people are more likely to say can we believe anything she says any more?

    Let alone anything she promises!

    And, unlike proper U-turns, even major ones by governments of any colour, which get forgotten within a week or two, because most people just aren’t focused on the Westminster bubble,this is just over the half-way point of a general election campaign when two-thirds of the population are likely to vote, so will be taking a damn sight more interest in things like this.

    I think she’s blown any credibility she had today-when you’re in a hole stop digging.

  3. May has announced that her Social; Care package has been designed to allow the involvement of Private Insurance I can guarantee that she has not held discussions with the Association of British Insurers a fatal mistake made by Thatcher when she tried to halt protection of domestic properties from flood protection schemes saying the market would provide
    I worked with The Telegraph and the CEO of the ABI and stopped it dead. I did now you can an open goal.

  4. The Tories are clearly a total shambles and don’t have a clue what they’re on about. They’ve been drunk on power for too long and clearly think that we’re all idiots. If it’s one thing people don’t like, it’s arrogant, complacent leadership. Theresa May looks like she thinks she’s entitled to lead this country.

    Corbyn, on the other hand, is a hardened leader – a true leader. He has spent a lifetime campaigning for things that seemed like lost causes at the time. Things like ending apartheid in South Africa. Getting a peace process in Ireland. He’s a tireless campaigner for ordinary people. That’s a true “strong and stable” leader,

    Keep campaigning! Canvass with your local Labour party / momentum group. Give it a go! And talk to your parents and grandparents (they’re the Tory voters, mostly) about what a total shambles the Tories are.

    We can win this!

  5. Hang on there!….My parents would turn in their graves at the thought of being Tory voters as would most from my neck of the woods…But I entirely agree with you about Jeremy..This is why Theresa May won’t go head to head in a T.V. debate..This is one politician who actually has experience and knows what he’s talking about..Whereas she really hasn’t a clue has she~ and it shows….So to all you undecideds out there~ take time out to think things through and compare them….

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