Tories so rattled by #Labourmanifesto, go into #fakenews overdrive #GE17

Yet again the Tories, rather than sitting pretty on supposedly solid polling leads, are showing signs of worry verging on panic. Today’s official launch of Labour’s manifesto – fully costed and bolder than any political offering in the UK in a lifetime – has had them scrambling for their fake-news generator in a bid to sneer at the Labour document that, frankly, smells desperate.

con fake news grinder.png

The Conservatives have already sunk to outright fake news on more than one occasion in this General Election campaign – but today they seemed to be suffering Breitbart-diarrhoea, with one after another fact-free tweet emerging from CCHQ in a flailing attempt to counter the ‘buzz’ around the Labour policy package, which is receiving far higher levels of attention than would normally be expected.

Even the BBC’s Norman Smith, not known for talking up Labour’s plans or prospects, called it,

the most radical Labour manifesto we have seen for many years – it’s not just a halt to austerity, but reversing austerity.

Clearly the Tories can’t allow this kind of talk to go unchallenged – but their cupboard is bare. What few policies they have are either unfunded (in stark contrast to Labour’s complete, 100%-costed manifesto) or else involve taking existing money away from something else already on the verge of collapse.

So they went to their fake-news sausage machine and churned out these – embarrasing – ‘beauties’. First, a peperoni of poppycock:

con fake news armed.png

This was rumbled humiliatingly quickly by Twitter users, such as Katie:


Katie is still waiting. Which is no surprise, as neither Corbyn nor Labour have the slightest intention of doing any such thing.

Even more embarrassingly, this came less than 48 hours after Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon was exposed as a hopeless blowhard by none other than Tory-friendly Andrew Marr on national BBC television. Marr pointed out that the Tories’ promise not to let the armed forces fall below 80,000 had already been broken – and when Marr asked Fallon how he was going to pay for the billions of pounds in extra defence spending he had just promised, Fallon looked like a rabbit in the headlights and stammered ‘Er, from economic growth’.

There are rumours that the BBC is still trying to get the stain out of Marr’s sofa.

Then came this rat’s turd saucisse:

con fake news sums.png

Well, the bad news (for the Tories, great news for the rest of us) is that every single item in the manifesto was costed and balanced:

Splurgh, and there was a bollocks-based bratwurst:

con fake news taxes.png

Labour has made a firm commitment that people earning under £80,000 will not pay a penny in extra taxes or National Insurance – and the party’s manifesto does not contain a single pound in funding from people earning below that threshold.

Plop, and out popped a salami of sh.. er nonsense:

con fake news borrowing.png

Clearly the Tories – who have run up more debt and borrowing just since 2010 than every Labour government in history – combined – don’t quite understand the meaning of ‘fully costed’.

Next, the biggest fake news – the biggest outright lie – of all. A veritable haggis of hogwash:

con fake news ss.png

Five pieces of blatant fake news in one day. The Tories are being pushed to desperate lengths indeed and have written the ‘CON’ in Conservative in huge, neon letters.

Wonder what they know that the mainstream media are not telling us?

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  1. Recent western election results indicate the public currently has an appetite for change.

    The candidates chosen in the US presidential and primary, for example, and our own decision to leave the EU, seem to suggest that the public has an appetite for risk and is in a speculative mood.

    The public are probably assessing the Tories’ performance over the last 7 years. Their primary research source will be their own bank balance. That is of course if they have a bank account.

    Most people will probably weigh up three key considerations. Firstly, their assessment of th Tory party record; what’s on offer; could things be worse than they are now if we switch government.

    On the first point the Tories are suspiciously reticent about promoting or even discussing their record in government. The Conservative Party (like a shifty corporate accountant) regularly refers to only one year of Labour government accounts (2009/10) for comparison, in an attempt to minimise their own utter incompetence manifest by their record levels of borrowing.

    Do the public like the Labour offer? Yes.
    Will it cost low and middle earners more in taxes? No.

    We know where the Tory road leads. To more debt and more low wage, insecure jobs.

    Labour will invest to upgrade the UK’s infrastructure and will invest in the education and training of people working within the country’s upgraded infrastructure. That will create rapid growth in economy and provide a steady long term return on the taxpayers’ original investment.

    The problem for the Tories is that the Labour offer is all upside for the public. Not only that, the Labour front bench is completely outgunning the Tory cabinet in this campaign. May being Hillary Clinton – wooden, platitude driven, sense of entitlement to be PM, thuggish surrogates poisoning the debate, billionaire backers and support of establishment and media.

    If people are in a gambling mood, as they do seem to be at the moment, and decide they will take a punt on Labour doing a better job then that arguably represents a path to victory for the Corbyn led Labour Party.

    They are, on current

  2. The Tories seem to be a total PR disaster on the one hand, yet we’re still being told May is ever so popular and on course for a landslide. How do we marry those two disparate points together?

    Seems like the answer is money – such as buying up marginal seats with social media campaigns.

    Though I do see that the Information Commissioner is starting to ask questions about the use of personal data as well as the light dawning on the Electoral Commission that they need to update their rules for the 21st century … but unlikely these investigations will see any changes for this election.

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