Corbyn agrees with the SKWAWKBOX on May’s fake #DementiaTax U-turn #GE17

The SKWAWKBOX looked earlier at Theresa May’s supposed ‘U-turn’ on the ‘dementia tax’ and concluded that it’s all a con – nothing has changed, except for a meaningless ‘promise’ to hold a ‘consultation’ after the election.

It’s nothing but sleight of hand aimed at fooling people into thinking the threat to their old age and their children’s inheritance has passed when it’s exactly as it was before – and May is simply lying to us.


Seems the SKWAWKBOX is in good company. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has looked at the same facts and reached the same conclusion:

May, of course, stands to gain personally from seeing the plan go through exactly as she proposed it.

Nobody who takes the time to check the facts will be fooled, of course – but many won’t. Share this information to make sure nobody falls for May’s transparent attempt to pull the wool over their eyes.

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  1. May has announced that her Social; Care package has been designed to allow the involvement of Private Insurance I can guarantee that she has not held discussions with the Association of British Insurers a fatal mistake made by Thatcher when she tried to halt protection of domestic properties from flood protection schemes saying the market would provide
    I worked with The Telegraph and the CEO of the ABI and stopped it dead. I did, now you can an open goal.

  2. Except her minions were all over the news over the week end claiming it was a perfect and fully formed policy. Without any consultation, and when challenged directly, noooo, no cap on charges.

    The UTurn is in fact more like the stunt car manoeuvre called the donut, a 360turn and then carrying on in the same direction. The smoke screen generated by burning tyres might have just been enough, they hope, to distract the audience.

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