BBC ‘mood box’ – people trust Corbyn’s Labour with elderly care (video) #GE17


The ‘mood box’ vox pop of the BBC’s Daily Politics show has long been a source of deep frustration to supporters of Labour and its direction under Jeremy Corbyn, who feel that it is typically slanted very much toward presenting the Tory/Establishment/right-wing narrative.

However, even this BBC feature was unable to avoid the sense – however unscientific – of a serious shift in the mood and voting intentions of the nation when it went out onto the streets of Birmingham to ask people about the Tories’ ‘dementia tax’, who can be trusted to run the country and keep their promises, as this video (courtesy of @EL4C) shows:

The ‘mood box’ is not, of course, scientific. But the main significance is in the source. This is so far away from the usual collection of specially-hunted out anti-Labour voices that the BBC delights in bringing us that the mere fact of its existence suggests a seismic shift taking place.

A groundswell.

Something special is happening. Even lifelong Tory voters are switching their support to Labour. Some are evening joining the party, saying their eyes have been opened.

And the incompetent, ‘wrong and feeble’ Tories just keep showing how far out of touch they are, even when they attempt to look like they’re rowing back on a damaging plan.

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  1. Most of the folk interviewed are as fake as the interviewers. Yesterday in Middlesboro the BBC managed to find a seemingly inebriated woman who excoriated May and her cronies but still said would vote for the Cons! Anothet man claimed he had lost his job recently due to his employer downsizing but despite this and the fact that there are three generations of Labour voters in his direct family, he would be voting Tory because he thinks “May can be trusted to handle Brexit negotiations”! Are these people typical of voters in Middlesborough? I doubt it very much indeed! The BBC are still banging the drum for the Tories. When are the suits going to be called to account?

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