#ImWithConnor: young man carried bodily away for trying to talk with May #GE17

In scenes reminiscent of the worst of the Thatcher years, a young man has been wrestled, lifted and carried bodily away for shouting something to Theresa May. As you can see from the footage below, he was not near the Prime Minister, nor making any attempt to get close enough to do any harm – and yet he is forced away from the scene even after May has long since entered a building and, for protesting at the actions of police, he is wrestled violently to the ground after a female police officer is heard saying ‘Let’s just put him down, come on’.

A male officer uses his body weight to buckle the young man – Connor’s – legs to bring him to the ground and then several officers lift him bodily and cart him off:

As he’s manhandled away from the scene – for doing nothing worse than raising his voice – Connor can be heard protesting ‘This is a fascist state’.

When Theresa May is running scared of both Jeremy Corbyn and the public and a young man is treated this way by police for simply calling out to her in a public place, it’s hard to disagree.

It’s more than ever essential to remove May and the Tories on 8 June so that the slide of this country into fascism and ‘1984’-style state control can be reversed.

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  1. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    I believe, when I heard this footage earlier, an Officer confirming he was arrested for “Breach of the peace”! Why aren’t the Tory Cabinet arrested then???

  2. The current desperate excuse is that he threatened to kill May before video.

    I don’t know how stupid they think we are. The video clearly shows he was arrested for Breach of the Peace.

    I guess if you refused to associate with reality and really wanted to believe it was true…

  3. you have the evidence call for a disciplinary hearing into the conduct of the four identifiable police officers and the senior officer in charge

  4. He was later released without charge.
    There were a handful of us protesting and Teresa May left The Hall, through the back fire exit.

  5. The start of ‘Der Fuhrer’ May’s regime perhaps. I didn’t notice, but were those police wearing jackboots by any chance?

  6. I tried to watch this but got a blank screen with ,’This media cannot be played.’ Censorship by the fascists already/


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