Truth-posters crowdfund to go UK-wide: ‘May is a threat’ #wrongandfeeble #GE17

may threat

After Theresa May’s fake U-turn today exposed even further both the inherent instability and fundamental dishonesty of both May and her party, it’s more essential than ever, in the last couple of weeks of the General Election campaign, to get the message across to the people of the UK that it’s May who is the ‘threat to national security’.

Those who use social media are getting the message loud and clear, but it also needs to reach those who don’t – those whose worldview is currently shaped primarily by BBC News or the billionaire-owned press.

A campaign has started to achieve just that – via the ‘analogue’, traditional and still highly-effective means of billboard advertising.

The campaign aims to get the poster above in front of the eyes and into the mind of every person in this country. It’s already achieved a huge amount – but it needs your help to achieve more.

The poster has, so far, gone up in the following towns and cities:

  1. Barking (Rainham Road)
  2. Barking (Ilford Lane)
  3. Birmingham (Summer Hill Road)
  4. Birmingham (Tyburn Road)
  5. Birmingham (Lichfield Road)
  6. Birmingham (Bordesley Green Road)
  7. Birmingham (Lodge Road)
  8. Birmingham (Long Acre)
  9. Birmingham (Bordesley Green Road)
  10. Birmingham (Bordesley Green Road)
  11. Bolton (Bury New Road)
  12. Brent (Chamberlayne Road)
  13. Bristol (Laurence Hill Roundabout)
  14. Cardiff (Cowbridge Road West)
  15. Cardiff (Cathay’s Terrace)
  16. Cardiff (Nantgarw Road)
  17. Carlisle (Port Road)
  18. Coventry (Albany Road)
  19. Croydon (London Road)
  20. Croydon (Stafford Road)
  21. Croydon (Purley Way)
  22. Leeds (Bridge Road)
  23. Manchester (Grosvenor Street)
  24. Manchester (Oldham Road)
  25. Manchester (Rochdale Road)
  26. Manchester (Hyde Road)
  27. Sheffield (Broad Lane)
  28. Sheffield (Penistone Road North)
  29. Sheffield (Neepsend Lane)
  30. Sheffield (Abbey Lane)
  31. Wandsworth (Garratt Lane)
  32. Wandsworth (Upper Tooting Road)
  33. Wandsworth (Putney Bridge Road)
  34. Manchester (Bury New Road)
  35. Wandsworth (Upper Richmond Road)
  36. Wandsworth (St Johns Hill)
  37. Birmingham (Summer Hill Road)
  38. Wood Green (Turnpike Lane)
  39. Birmingham (Icknield Port Road)
  40. Leeds (Tong Road)
  41. Sheffield (Penistone Road)
  42. Southampton (Mountbatten Way)
  43. Wandsworth (Swandon Way)
  44. Westminster (Harrow Road)

It’s a fantastic initiative to reach the parts of the population that social media may not reach – and the eye-catching, high-impact posters will stick in people’s minds come polling day.

And it matters. When people’s eyes are opened, they do switch sides.

The SKWAWKBOX thought you’d want to know about this great idea – and perhaps to support it. If you’d like to help get these posters into even more places where people need to understand that what they’re fed by the Establishment media is misleading them, please click this link to contribute and to help oust the Tories that are killing our country.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers. If you found this information helpful and can afford to, please do click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. Thanks for your support so this blog can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.


  1. I was all ready to make a donation and then…they wanted to datamine for all my personal info so they just lost out. I wonder how many more people are being put off for the same reason.

    1. They’re crowdfunding for big billboard posters – but if you make a donation for those I’m sure they won’t mind you printing out some window-sized versions for your own use!

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