Incredible #Labourmanifesto: don’t be told what to think, see for yourself #GE17

Seems the mainstream media are already bending over backwards to pour cold water on Labour’s official policy launch. Last week’s leaked draft generated so much interest and excitement – and a huge groundswell – and was so bold and transformative that it was inevitable that the Establishment would react against it and misportray the official document today.

The launch has created far more interest than would normally be the case for a manifesto launch, with crowds too great to fit into the venue so that many had to look in from outside:

It even went up several floors to the roof:

bradford crowd 2.jpg

And some were even ready for the typical anti-Labour spin from certain reporters:

lk fake.jpg

The media have, predictably, been attacking Labour’s costing of their commitments, even though the Tories have offered only hot air and wishful thinking for the few comprehensible policies they’ve offered. But everything is covered:

Don’t be told what to think of a document that promises a genuinely better future for you and your family. See for yourself via these clear and concise graphics:

manif workers rightsmanif highlightsmanif funding

The most transformative policy manifesto in at least a lifetime – and every penny of cost covered in a concrete, financially-literate way.

The billionaires who control most of the mainstream media hate it. But the people of Bradford loved it:

You will, too – as long as you find out about it for yourself and don’t let the media tell you what to think about it.

Labour’s manifesto offers a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime chance for the people of this country to take it back from the vested interests that are now busy telling you it’s uncosted and unaffordable.

Wonder why those billionaires and Establishment figures would do that, eh?

It’s very simple – Labour are for the many. The ‘few’ don’t want you to think it’s possible.

Decide for yourself – then vote Labour on 8th June. And get the word out so others do the same.

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  1. Just received a leaflet from the Liberal Party through my door in Ely Cambridgeshire that says andI quote
    “Labour are out of the race and too weak to deliver real change. The country needs a strong opposition but Jeremy Corbyn is the worst Labour Leader in history. That’s why even lifelong Labour supporters are backing the Lib Dems in this election. They know the only way to get an effective Opposition to protect our NHS and safeguard school budgets is to elect more Liberal Democrat MPs this time. The LibDems have ruled out any coalition or deal with any party this time. This election is about getting a strong opposition and only the Lib dems can deliver that. ” There is no realistic chance of us winning” Labour mp Alan Johnson, 22 April 2017″ “Labour fear election bloodbath as a QUARTERof MPs face losing their seats” Mirror 20 April 2017″

    At first I was livid. How dare they. But now I’m laughing at their sheer arrogance and their refusal to see what is going on around them. How they have the face to say Jeremy is “the worst Labour leader ever” when thousands come out to hear him speak.
    This manifesto shows that the country needs this Labour leader and a Labour Government. The crowds show that the country wants this too.

    Labour in Ely is conspicuous by its absence. We must change that. Please will someone in the Party please help.BY THE WAY I WAS A LIFE LONG LIB DEM SUPPORTER AND I JOINED THE LABOUR PARTY BECAUSE OF JEREMY CORBYN.
    Lib Dems don’t seem to want to accept this 😇

  2. What a brilliant poster that photograph would make with Laura Kuenssberg looking sheepish.

  3. Here’s the Web address of the Labour Party Manifesto 2017 download page:
    Here’s a cleaner, shorter address that redirects to the above:
        Unfortunately, when viewed on my smartphone, that page is just a blank white page, even when I Request Desktop Site. Incase anyone else is having the same issue, here are the direct download URLs to the PDF files:
    • Labour Party Manifesto 2017:
    • Funding Britain’s Future:
    • Labour’s Tax Transparency And Enforcement Programme:
        For such important documents, it’s a pity that they are not authenticated using HTTPS – another issue that Labour’s technical staff ought to fix. Assuming that my copies were downloaded correctly, here are their SHA-256 cryptographic checksums:

    $ sha256sum ~/"Downloads/2017-05-16Tue Labour Party Manifesto 2017"{," "*}".pdf"
    af0b3b92aeff83b7bb7ca221f3b6695d61762d2a4859d461b1e18a74b56e9f7d /home/jrhaigh/Downloads/2017-05-16Tue Labour Party Manifesto 2017.pdf
    e05ad066386d74bfa382dcf1d6740fe8c5b5dbde664817853dab740dcba97c6e /home/jrhaigh/Downloads/2017-05-16Tue Labour Party Manifesto 2017 – Funding Britain's Future.pdf
    622f22623ea59244dddcdae9a61ce46871d7481aedb45ae4eed5cf402962dfce /home/jrhaigh/Downloads/2017-05-16Tue Labour Party Manifesto 2017 – Labour's Tax Transparency And Enforcement Programme.pdf

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