Seems Tories seriously worried re Labour tax pledge. Enough to tweet #fakenews

Labour’s policy commitment not to raise tax or national insurance for anyone earning less than £80,000 a year seems to have the Tory party seriously worried. Here’s McDonnell announcing it:

Very seriously worried, to judge by the response of their HQ’s press team – who felt they had to issue completely made-up fake news on Sunday morning to try to combat it:

cchq fake news

The Tories have absolutely no evidence for any of it – because there is none. The idea that £80k will become £20k is absolutely baseless and Corbyn has never given any indication of wanting to raise the basic rate of tax. paid by low and middle earners.

Unlike the Tories, who have consistently refused to rule out tax rises as well as pension cuts, even when asked directly, Labour’s commitment is firm and straightforward – and means exactly what it says.

It’s not the first time – just a couple of weeks ago, a Tory information officer spread a photoshopped picture to give the impression that Corbyn was being rejected by voters he met when the opposite was the case.

Of course, the Tory party aren’t the only ones to resort to desperate tactics to try to counteract Labour’s masterstroke. The right-wing press plumbed some pretty silly depths too:

hammer 80k.png

Yes, those poor blighters on £80,000 or more must really be feeling the pinch.

Jeremy Corbyn’s office were quick to pour scorn on the Tories’ fake news in unequivocal terms:

Other social media users were similarly contemptuous:

cundell cchq

While at least some made a very serious point:

Panicking so badly over a single policy announcement that they just invent something out of thin air – outright fake news – you’d almost think the Tories know something we’re not hearing from the Establishment media about Labour’s real election chances and the public reception for the party’s policies and leadership.

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  1. So, a Labour Government will not raise income tax and national insurance for anyone earning less than £80,000. There will also be no increase in VAT.

    A Labour Government will increase the minimum wage to £10 an hour, will provide free school lunches, will build a million new homes, will increase security of tenure for renters, will guarantee the triple lock to protect pensioners’ income, will renationalise the railways, will adequately fund the NHS, will ensure small businesses get paid on time by corporations and will invest to upgrade the infrastructure of the UK so we can successfully compete in the modern world.

    That is an election winning manifesto.

    The Tories offer nothing but more debt and more insecurity.

    On balance, one would have to be absolutely bonkers to vote Conservative.

  2. So glad the Tories are stumped. There are other ways than taxes to re-calibrate the economy. Necessity is the mother of invention.

  3. Edwina Curry on R5Live was frothing at the mouth when this was announced but in her confusion about the unfairness of overtaxing the rich, she let slip that she thought that the personal allowance of 11+k was too high. Apparently, the Tory view is that the only fair tax is one that hits ‘everyone’ the same… whether they are on 5k or many millions/year.

  4. The Tories have not ruled out taxing workers on or below living wage. They have not ruled out further cuts to the NHS,WELFARE nor getting rid of zero hours cotracts. Why doesn’t the MSM concentrate on these

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  5. Let’s not forget the definitive Tory Tax: VAT. We know from experience the Tories readily use VAT as a weapon with which to beat the poor into destitution. From Salmonella Curry ” the only fair tax is one that hits ‘everyone’ the same”………………. like, for instance, VAT?

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