Corbyn supporters need to back #McDonnellAmendment. Here’s how.

I was asked to do a shorter version of an earlier post on this topic. Here it is.


As the rules currently stand, the far-too-numerous right-wing Labour MPs/MEPs can realistically block any left-wing candidate from being able to stand in any future leadership election. The way the rules work requires a number of nominations that might well not be achievable for a genuine-Labour MP – given the current proportion of right-wing members of the parliamentary Labour party.

Even though that candidate would win by a landslide among the 500,000+ Labour members if they did make it onto the ballot.

The McDonnell Amendment aims to change that by reducing the nominations threshold so that it should always be possible to give the members at least one left-wing candidate they would want to support, instead of a ‘pick your shade of blue‘ list.

If you are a Labour member or supporter who thinks Labour needs to be an alternative to the Tory party and not just a paler version of it, then the McDonnell Amendment is absolutely vital to you.

But right-wing MPs officials are prepared to go to any lengths to defeat it, so desperate are they to prevent future left-wing leadership candidates. So the Left needs to act assertively and decisively in every legitimate way ro counter it.

Here is a short list of things you need to do about it:

  1. Everyone who wants to secure the Left in Labour – contact your CLP today.
  2. Formally ask your CLP for specific details on when Conf Delegate nominations and selections are happening.
  3. Also ask how you go about nominating yourself if you fancy it. Good to know the process anyway whether you do or not.
  4. Ask how you will be able to find out in advance of delegate selection meetings what each delegate nominee thinks about key issues (ie are they for or against McDonnell amendment)
  5. Make sure you attend the delegate selection meeting and know in advance who is standing and how they will vote on the McDonnell amendment.
  6. If no response from CLP re your enquiry, let the SKWAWKBOX know and we will publicise to put pressure on those obstructing your democratic rights and enlist help in your area for you
  7. If you are a member of an affiliated union (ASLEF, BECTU, BFAWU, COMMUNITY, CWU, FBU, GMB, MU, NUM, TSSA, UCATT, UNISON, UNITE, USDAW), take the equivalent steps in your union branch and make sure that your union both sends its own good delegates and that your branch sends delegates to your local CLP(s) to help win the votes there for good CLP delegates

Failure to act will mean failure to win the amendment – and a choice of only Tory-lite ‘moderates’ whenever the next leadership election takes place.

Don’t fail.

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    1. Even suspended CLPs are supposed to be able to meet to select delegates. Check with the secretary whether/when the vote is scheduled – make sure you’re not bypassed/blindsided.

      1. I have been emailing them from time to time and all I get is the autoemail saying they can’t talk to us and to contact NW Labour. The gag should have been lifted by now so will try again in a day or so.

  1. Something else Jeremy Corbyn supporters could do is organise weekly meetings in a local pub, cafe or other suitable venue in order to keep up to date and grow a coordinated response to the machinations of CLP activity.
    Social media is a good place to start, but also arrange to meet JC supporters outside of formal Labour Party meetings you attend.
    Having this kind of organisation means you can work together and form alternative structures capable of taking on and replacing the existing newLabour structures.. as well as being useful for other activity such as publicising and getting along to protests and JC support rallies etc.. it could also be a better way of drawing people to the Labour Party than Labour Party meetings which can be boring and demotivating if they are dominated by Blair’s and Mandlesons acolytes.

  2. Nice organising… I take it anyone who doesn’t agree with you is dismissed as not a member of the left? These points basically mean, anyone who’s Momentum, make sure you turn up & vote this way.

      1. No thank you, I won’t jog on. Basically anyone who disagrees I labelled non left. Nice to have response from Lansman puppet.

      2. Lmao. I’ve never met nor even spoken to Jon Lansman. If you keep up this behaviour, you’ll just be marked as a spammer and won’t be able to comment any more.

    1. You seemed to take a different view under the article about Rachel Reeves selective rallying of her constituency members…

  3. The amendment makes absolute egalitarian, fraternal and libertarian sense. Let’s knock down the walls that constrict us from good old British fair political play

  4. The amendment makes absolute egalitarian, fraternal and libertarian sense. Let’s knock down the walls that constrict us from good old British fair political play.

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