#WeakAndWobbly May’s cowardice appears to be catching. #GE17

The SKWAWKBOX has featured a number of articles highlighting the stark contrast between the towering start to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign and Theresa May’s sparse, tightly-controlled but still painfully gaffe-prone schedule.

The gulf between the two makes it very easy to understand why Mrs May has decided to make herself scarce, especially in view of her evident discomfort interacting with the public and her shaky appearance at PMQs and when forgetting the name of a town in which she was speaking to a TV interviewer.

It has made a mockery of her ‘strong and stable’ mantra – but it’s also becoming apparent that her condition appears to be contagious – and has spread to her whole front bench.

On Monday, Labour MP Sue Hayman was scheduled to be on BBC’s Newsnight programme to debate the government’s record on air quality – a government legal bid to delay publication of its plans (what plans?!) to improve the air quality in Britain’s towns and cities until after the election was rejected by judges yesterday – with Tory front-bencher Andrea Leadsom.

But Ms Leadsom, May’s former rival for the Conservative party leadership, pulled out of the show at the last minute:


Ms Leadsom clearly took a leaf from her leader’s book.

But the contagion is far more widespread – and so severe that even Tory mouthpieces are commenting on it. Even the most avid, like ‘Guido Fawkes’:

fawkes no tories

Fawkes had no campaign updates to report because,

Senior Tories not on media round nor at televised campaign events.

Hardly ‘business as usual’ for a short, intense election campaign.

Far from the Tories being proud of their record, it appears they’re hideously embarrassed – and afraid of being even more hideously embarrassed in front of millions.

And if Lynton Crosby or some other Tory election adviser is behind the sudden vanishing of every senior Tory politician, then they too are aware of the paucity of talent and character at the heart of the Conservative party – and daren’t do anything else but try to hide it and hope that the media will be able to keep it from the public notice.

Let’s make sure they’re disappointed.

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  1. Greening pulled out of this weekend’s NAHT Conference…with just 2 days ago. Guess who has stepped innate very short notice – Jeremy Corbyn!


  2. How can the electorate make an informed democratic choice if the government will not participate in debate, defend their record and put on offer what they plan for the future? The democratic deficit in this country is getting worse. Watch any news report where they do a vox pop and the extent to how ill informed people are, is staggering. Either that or the MSM deliberately seek out the ignorant to bolster their bias reporting (oooo just as if)!. One lady even said she would vote for May because “she’s cute”.

  3. I don’t believe the Torys want to win – I feel sure for whatever the reason it will be used the their advantage. It worries me that when JC wins, he will still have to run the gauntlet of McNicol and Watson. Will he get any policies through parliament if there are right wing Labour MP’s elected? Wee Crankie has just announced the dismissal of ATOS etc, which I feel (certainly the right thing to do but I also think she is as Blue as Salmond) was to reduce the chance of loosing votes to Labour. I really believe JC will win and I want him to, his policies and leadership is faultless, Portugal is now doing well since they scrapped austerity and whatever he negotiates over EU membership will be the right end, unfortunately, he will also have double the hostilities of any other party leader.

  4. If May and her team refuses to defend their policies, it will eventually become clear that they are not confident enough to do so. If they are not confident about their ability to defend their policies, they are certainly not competent to run our country for the next five years.

  5. Well well well!
    No surprise there then, TORIES calling for a snap election, then not wanting to talk about CLEAN AIR in their time on the front benches! Ripping the country and us off while seeing to their very rich crony friends by giving them very large tax rebates to spend on the finer things in life, such as PAINTINGS, YACHTS, PRIVATE JETS and many fine CAR COLLECTIONS!
    Not forgetting MAYS very very expensive working overalls and work boots! (I wonder if she claims tax relief on them?)
    The voter has to ask itself how many times have they gone to the HIGH COURT then the SUPREME COURT and LOST!

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