Labour members: do not promote electoral pacts. It’s being logged

Some Labour members are promoting the idea of electoral pacts on social media – parties agreeing not to stand against each other in order to increase the chances of preventing a Tory majority.

Whatever your feelings on the matter, keep them to yourself. Let the parties’ leadership discuss if they choose, but do not promote the idea.

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The SKWAWKBOX has it from an impeccable source that right-wingers in Labour HQ have already put people onto logging details of those who do, with a view to justifying suspensions – or even expulsions – of pro-Corbyn members in the event of future leadership challenge.

Don’t play into their hands – and if you have tweeted or Facebooked anything on the subject, remove it.

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  1. They’ll have to expel Blair then – he was advocating voting for pro-remain Tories last week.

      1. He’s too cute for that. He was intentionally ambiguous because he knows full well the ramifications of telling people to vote for or showing support for other parties.

        Here’s the actual quote from the Guardian:

        “Asked if that could mean voting Lib Dem in a lot of cases, he said: “What I’m advocating may mean that. It may mean voting Labour. It may mean, by the way, that they vote Tory, for candidates who are prepared to give this commitment.”

        He added: “This is something that’s bigger than party allegiance, in this particular election.” He said he would campaign to ensure that candidates in every constituency were put under pressure to answer the question: “Will you back Brexit at any costs, or are you prepared to say, this deal is not in the interests of the country?”

        He said: “I’m not going to advocate people vote tactically. What I’m saying is they should vote on an informed basis on this issue.”

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    Big Brother please note RETWEET = BOOKMARK
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  3. Blair, HIS NAME IS not far off from BLAH BLAH BLAH!
    He and his ilk should stay hidden under his rock!

  4. Just make sure your profile states RT not necessarily endorsement likewise share or like on FB. Preferably do not like and be careful in comments

  5. Apparently, Labour HAVE to stand candidates all over the country, whether the CLPs want to or not. However, the CLPs in LibDem-Tory marginal seats could have a “non-aggression pact” with the LibDems. This means they don’t campaign for the Labour Party candidate. This would need to be kept a secret from Labour Party HQ, though.

  6. These people are Trolls, in my opinion, and should be treated as such. Any vote for LibDem is a vote for another ConDem Coalition. Any vote that is not for Labour is a vote for the Tories.

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