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In yet another set-piece speech – will she ever get out and meet people who aren’t hand-picked Tory stooges? probably not after being terrified by a lawn-mowing pensioner she bumped into – Theresa May made the remarkable admission that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour could win the General Election.

may distaste.png
Theresa May’s face when she encounters an actual person

In her speech in Wales yesterday, May told her audience of at least 30 people:

Make no mistake. It could happen.

Remember the opinion polls were wrong in the general election. They were wrong in the referendum last year.

And Jeremy Corbyn himself has said he was a 200/1 outsider for the Labour leadership in 2015 and look where that one went.

Of course, May was in Wales desperately trying to persuade Welsh people to support her and was trying to ‘frighten’ them into doing something so foolish – and the fact that she thinks Corbyn frightens anyone (except Tories) is just another indicator of how out of touch she and her party are.

Regardless of her motivations, she accidentally revealed an important truth: poll results are a tool not a measuring device – and one which the Tories and their media glove puppets are more than happy to abandon as soon as they think a different narrative suits their purposes.

This narrative is a very risky one for them. Jeremy Corbyn’s storming start to his campaign and Theresa May’s dire one have the media desperately trying to write him off and rubbish his chances – and the public are a lot more likely to see through it when the Tories also trying to tell us the opposite.

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  1. By declaring the election is in the bag for the Tories the polls have managed to simultaneously decrease Tory turnout and increase anti-Tory turnout.

    That makes things very interesting,

    When combined with Labour’s offer to increase the minimum wage to £10 an hour, to increase nurses’ wages, to introduce an extra four bank holidays a year, to build a million new homes in five years, to eliminate homelessness in five years and to invest in upgrading the UK’s infrastructure, the overreach of the polling companies may well have helped the Corbyn led Labour Party win this election.

  2. It was really shocking to read Polly Toynbee and George Monbiot in the Guardian yesterday, both attacking Mr Corbyn, although, at least Monbiot’s overall message was encouraging people still to vote Labour, in spite of it’s leader.
    I used to have a great deal of respect for both of them, particularly Monbiot but not any more.

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