Theresa May’s ‘preventing tourism’ is NOT her first tongue-slip of campaign

tank on lawn
An actual tank on an actual lawn

On Tuesday in Wales, Theresa May told her specially-invited audience that she wants the UK to become,

world leaders in preventing tourism.

Since a large part of the Welsh economy depends on tourism, this was a significant gaffe. Presumably she meant ‘terrorism’. If only she meant ‘toryism’.

Of course, if Corbyn had been the one to make the slip, it would have been all over the front pages of most newspapers and the BBC would have been running half-hourly headlines on it.

not invited
@ukdemockery’s brilliant take on ‘preventing tourism’

Those media outlets that have reported the ‘foot in mouth’ moment have tended to refer to it as the first slip of the tongue of her campaign, but this is completely untrue. A week ago she committed a far longer and more nonsensical slip when she said she would be:

out there campaigning, in every part of the United Kingdom

when clearly what she meant to say was,

I’ll appear in a handful of private clubs and factories where the employees have been told not to talk to anyone about my speech.

Which is quite a significant slip. Here’s what ‘out campaigning’ looks like:

corbyn croydon

Here’s how the first week of the campaign looked for May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

campaign comparison

Only one of the two looks likely to be ‘out campaigning in every part of the country’ – and it’s not Tessy.

May was apparently in Wales, according to the ridiculous fawning of the mainstream media (MSM), to ‘park her tanks on Labour’s lawn’ – but lawns are generally outside and Mrs May’s appearances have only been indoors, to hand-picked audiences.

Besides, she’ll be phobic about lawns now – they sometimes have straight-talking pensioners on them who make her nervous by doing intimidating things like speaking to her.

Perhaps they mean she parked her armoured limousine in the golf-club car park before fleeing rapidly indoors in case she bumped into any ordinary people rather than the Tory councillors she’d bussed in from 50 miles away to scrape together enough to stand looking bored behind her.

may bolton wallasey

Which makes that a massive gaffe by the media – or it would, if they weren’t deliberately trying to sell her sow’s ear of a campaign as a silk purse.

However they paint it, Theresa May is not ‘campaigning’, ‘parking tanks’ or any other such nonsense. She’s hiding – and when she’s not hiding, she’s running scared.

While tripping over her tongue.

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  1. if they go ahead with their plans to frack who in their right minds will want to visit our country – a beautiful land which will destroyed in the name of greed if we don’t kick May and her corporate criminals out.

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